Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Show & Tell part two!!
Lorrie sent her Happy Dreams pillowcase & top sheet to show you. She says she had a great time making them & they "went together like a dream!" That's always nice to hear!! It looks like you did just a beautiful job Lorrie! Thanks for sending your pictures!
There are bluebirds flying around this quilt too!!! Shellee Jensen sent in her Bluebird quilt for us to Ooooo! & Ahhhhh! over! She always does such gorgeous work! I love the colors she used! She says now she can't wait to get to the three new projects in her "to-do" pile..... which ones are those????? Get to stitching!!
This is Winter Sampler sent in by Danielle from Massachusetts (sorry Danielle... I cropped off your fingers when I re-sized the photo!) She says that this worked up quite fast. It's SO pretty too! You did such a good job on it! She also wrote that she's going to make the pillow that was in Quiltmaker magazine. Are you going to search around at antique stores for some old crocheted pillow edging? I found some this weekend..... really pretty!
This beautiful pillow is by our friend, Susan Ache from Florida. She says that she made a cutting mistake & this is what she did with it so it wouldn't just be wasted! Great Idea!!! This is SO CUTE!! I just may steal the idea for a future pattern! LOL!! Susan sends us photos of lots of things in her house (beautiful, girly, pretty pretty house by the way!) Thanks so much!!! I wish you'd come & decorate my house for me while I just sit on the porch & drink iced tea...... or margaritas, depending on how late you'll slave away at it! Hmmmmm..... I had a nice little dream moment there!


Perri said...

All very nice projects - everyone should be so proud !
Think I'll have to do the birdie pillowcases for me!!!
Happy stitching,

scarlette said...

Really lovely. i need to get some work done myself - i love the sheet and pillowcase.

SewAmy said...

Love seeing everyones projects done.

Carrie P. said...

I just love show and tell. It is so inspiring.