Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Photography is DONE!

YAHOO!!!  I'm working on laying up the covers for the new patterns, and when I'm done they'll be ready to go and I can start working on the "NEW" new designs!
A Gardener's Alphabet is above.  Yes, we have the linen that I used... it's on the website... the mid-shade one.  We don't have all of the floss yet for our floss kits tho....some of it is backordered.

The one below is called Crazy Love.....I's almost too late for Valentines Day, but it's a one day project and hearts are good ALL the time as far as I'm concerned!  It also has some new flowers/new stitch for my patterns.... that gives you 3D flower petals on the forget me nots.  FUN!!

Moving past Valentines Easter!

All My Eggs In One Basket is above..... Here Comes Peter Cottontail Pillowcase is below.
The eggs and ribbon in the basket are glittered up with silver Sparkles floss from Cosmo.  It really does look like old glass glitter!
The pillowcase (I just love this.......there's something about bunnies with coats!) is crayon tinted.  You can launder it in cold water and mild soap.  You actually wouldn't HAVE to tint it, but I think it makes it look a little like an old storybook picture.

The pillow above is called Sweet Violette.  It's on linen and I used cotton lace for edging it.  VERY old fashioned!

This last one is called Hedgerow Wreath.  Some of my favorite flowers!!!  It also has the 3D cast-on stitch flower petals.  They're not as hard as they look and the directions for them are in the pattern.
I'm trying to get these on the website within 2, work, work!!! LOL!!!
It's about 19 degrees out this morning........Happy Spring!  xox Meg

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let's pretend it's Spring!!

The new patterns are almost ready to release!  The photographer will be here Tuesday!  I thought you might want to see some more images from A Gardener's Alphabet. 

I have to admit... I've sort of fallen in love with this quilt and I've chosen my very favorite blocks....P (poppies), Q (queen ann's lace), M (morning glory - heavenly blues of course!), G (grapes), and K (kohlrabi....YES KOHLRABI!)

Oh yeah....and R (wild roses), and S (Spring & Summer...with appleblossoms and apples)

I'm kind of fond of the berries too.....B

The only problem is.... this pattern was just too big!  (not the quilt.... the actual pattern!)
So I decided to split it up...two blocks to a pattern... and present it as a block of the month!
This way, there'll be big, color pictures of the blocks on the pattern covers and that will help everybody with their color tinting!

There will also be two Easter patterns... a pillowcase called "Here Comes Peter Cottontail", and one called "All My Eggs In One Basket".  Also there will be "Hedgerow Wreath"... a flower wreath that you can put a monogram in the center of.... "Sweet Violette", a pillow with a bouquet of violets on the front....and a little Valentine (yes, I know it's a little late!LOL!!!) Called "Crazy Love".

There'll be many more new designs coming out in May at International Quilt Market in Kansas City too!........along with my new fabric line from Lecien.......nope, no hints or sneak peeks!

I should let you know too, that the October and June 2013 retreats are full.  There are a few places left in the December retreat and several in the March one.  BOY they filled up quickly!!!!  I can't wait to meet everybody that signed up!!
Well....suppose I'd better get back to writing patterns!
Thanks for a great 2011!
xox  Meg

Sunday, January 1, 2012