Monday, March 30, 2009

Well.... sad news. After two weeks of being the wild, passionate object of his affection...... I've been dumped!!! He's obviously found another woman who is more to his liking, the CAD!!! I'm really going to miss him. Especially all of his poopies on my car!
We've had a poor, little love-sick robin "stalking" my car for the past couple weeks. He wasn't going to take "No" for an answer, I'll give him that! He spent pretty much all the daylight hours fluttering around it... going from one mirror to another, one window to another and doing a mating dance on the sun roof! We DO know that he must have found time to eat............. actually eat A LOT.... because there was PLENTY of proof of it all over the place! He couldn't seem to figure out why that beautiful girl in all of the windows & mirrors didn't love him back! Though, if you want to get technical, he was in love with another boy bird..... I'm not going to be judgemental! I wish we'd been able to get a picture of him, goofy bird, but he seemed to realize he was being "caught on tape" and was embarrassed. Such is love!!

There's been a flurry of activity around here & it's kept me from posting anything new. First, there's our dopey robin, then there's finishing up bindings etc... on the newest quilts, finishing our Forget-Me-Not quilt for the Susan G Komen foundation so that it can be photographed, writing the new patterns.... Snowmen A to Zzzz has 19 pages!!!! YIKES!!!!, doing Spring Garden Cleaning & planting, trying to spiff up the studio a little bit so that we can take some photos for an article in The Country Register, getting ready for the shop hop we're going to be involved in this July and dealing with all of the "closing on the building loan, power company, health department, county planning dept., builder, concrete dudes, trenching guys etc...." we're going a little bit NUTS here!!!
Good news is: I can finally wash my car & know that it's not going to be dirty again withing 5 minutes, new patterns, we're almost ready to send off the donated "designer" quilt, great fun because for 9 days in July we'll be able to have our own "stitchery shop" for the shop hop with kits and decorating and cookies, and we're breaking ground FINALLY on our new house!
Here is a photo of the finished "Vintage Trick or Treat" and one of the finished "Snowmen A to Zzzz" . Have a happy week!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our "Forget me Not" quilt for the Susan G Komen foundation is ready for the quilter!!! Well.... almost ready. I still have to transfer the scallops to the borders.... BUT!!!, the hard part's done! YAHOO!!!!! The back is just like a 2nd quilt top. All of the signature blocks are in sort of Ohio star blocks & the center block is the thank you to all of the contributors label. It turned out alot bigger than it seemed on paper! "Thank You!" to everyone who made blocks for the quilt.... every day I seem to have a different favorite!

We've had several inquiries about my block being a future pattern........ nope, sorry!!! I could come up with something similar to it one day, but that particular block (& the quilt) are for a donation & we won't be making any part of it into patterns. The quilt is a "one of a kind" !!! I'll let you know later how to go about purchasing a chance to win it (that will all be up to the Susan G Komen foundation ladies!). By the way!.... yes Perri, that is Red Brolly!!!! Isn't it a fun block??? We're so happy that we were able to include some Australian designers too!

This coming week is going to be spent writing the new patterns & drawing diagrams etc.... Not my favorite thing to do!!!! I'd much rather be drawing or stitching! I have lots of ideas for new things that I'd like to get down on paper........ but, first things first, right???

Have a beautiful Spring week!.......................... go on!..... go get some Easter candy!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hi !
We've been so busy in the last couple of weeks with the patterns we just released ( Thank You!!!! I'm so happy that everyone likes them! ) and getting the newest designs finished & ready for the pattern writing & checking process. We've finished all of the embroidery on the two newest quilts & I've spent this week trimming..... geez, I love that freezer paper!!..... and sewing. Vintage Trick or Treat is completed & ready for the quilter! YAHOO!!! This is a picture of it on the design wall before it was sewn together etc.... I'm SO in love with this one!!! It's just so happy!Today I'm going to sew together our snowman alphabet quilt's center & get it ready to stitch a fly stitch over all the seam lines. We really need a name for this one.................. hmmmmm..... I should show it to you after it's sewn together & maybe one of you could come up with a good name for it?????? Oooooooooo........... that's a GOOD IDEA!!!!! That's what we'll do!

As soon as the snowman ABC quilt is sewn together I'm going to start putting together our Forget Me Not quilt for the Susan G Komen Foundation. Have I told you about that yet??? We've asked designers from the US & Australia to design blocks for a quilt that we'll put together & will be donating to the Susan G Komen Foundation for breast cancer research. You will be able to go to their website or follow a link from ours (or many others!) & buy a chance to win it.... with all of the proceeds going to them of course. We received fabric from many fabric companies, supplies from many others.... and the blocks from the lovely ladies who design patterns & fabric lines that everyone loves!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I'll show you my block now. The next one is Brenda Riddle's........... beautiful! It's one of my fav's! The next one is Alex Anderson's................. NO!!!! I'm not name dropping!!!!! Why can't I put mine & Brenda's next to Alex Anderson's???? At least I didn't put up Marie Osmond's......... Yup!, we've got HER too! Well, maybe I will put hers up... & a few more too! Keep in mind that they're not trimmed or pressed or anything. Their signature blocks are in the photo too (they're going to be made up as signature blocks & will make up the back of the quilt.... two sided..... how cool is THAT going to be???? What the heck, I'll put up several of them. Have a nice weekend!