Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy, Busy Bees!

The bumblebees are buzzing away in the flowers....  They have so much pollen on their legs, it's amazing they can fly!! 
I've been stitching away on class samples for this summer's schedule...
Janice and I have been busily working on "Snow Flurries", a quilt that will be covered with snowflakes and other icy "brrrrr..." things and sparkling with crystals, beads, and Sparkle floss!

The little mama bird at Jan's house has laid her eggs...can you think of a more appropriate place to build your nest??
Honeybunny and I have been writing patterns.... how can I even THINK of getting anything accomplished without a kitty on my shoulder?

The Garden Girl in Yakima is busy BLOOMING!!!!

I was busy with my trusty VISA card....these are now in front of the studio....I'm so addicted!
Seriously!.... how could anybody NOT be enchanted by this shop? My fabric just arrived (YAHOO!!) from my new fabric line for Lecien!!!!!  It's called "Inkwell", and I LOVE it....and we're busy, busy, busy trying to get the sample stitched for "Vintage Tin" and the other patterns that will be coming out in July that use the new line.  I'm SO EXCITED!!!!  I hope you'll like it as much as I do.....we'll take some pix and show you a little bit later!!!   Boy oh Boy....I feel a GREAT summer coming on!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

More Halloween Patterns!

Here it is... about 90 degrees today....and we're ready for Halloween!  We'll be putting the new Halloween designs up on the website tomorrow.  This book is "Celinda Wickenblat's Spellbook".  It's really easy to make with cardboard...kraft paper....cardstock....OH!  And a little bit of stitching! There are even three spellbook pages to copy onto the cardstock to get you started!

 This is the Janette Needlebook and Pincushion!  It's a tri-fold felted wool needlebook that's lined in fabric. You could make it in any colorway... I just went with black because I wanted to use some of my new fabric line "Inkwell" for the pincushions.
The tea towels are "Spirited Tea Towels"... I really like the bound edging and it's SO easy to do!

And, this is the completed "Spellbound".  It's scrappy, scrappy, scrappy!!!  There are a bunch of closeups in the last post.  Also, I think the "Halloween Thimble Bouquet" is in the last post too.  We'll send out a flyer tomorrow too if you're on the mailing list.
Well.....on to Christmas!