Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A New Day! A New Website!!

Well... the new website was launched in the wee hours last night!  We've spent several hours today trying to get our email back...something about the new website using a different server messed it up (blah,blah,blah computer talk that doesn't make sense...) Anyway, it's fixed now! YAY!!!  We're still fine tuning the site so some little things will change here and there over the next week or so.  By the time we're done, every pattern will show which flosses are used on it..stuff like that.  I hope that you'll like it and that it will be easier to navigate.  We'd started having SO MUCH trouble with our old site (it actually started just randomly deleting products!)  It was more than time for a change.  This website is using all the new technology (translates to "all the bells and whistles") and we'll be able to add some other things as time goes by.  Check it out!  If the link from here doesn't work properly just go directly to www.crabapplehillstudio.com.

We'll be working on the blog next and trying to get it up to date.  I tend to start computer-y stuff out of necessity and then not know enough about it to keep the workings up to date.  NOW I have two or three people here with me who know all about it, so maybe they can drag us into 2012!!!

All of the new releases are on the website... we just got the linen used on A Gardener's Alphabet in today! YAY!!!  So we'll start cutting it and filling the orders we have on the waiting list.  When we get those filled, we'll put it back up on the website.  I ordered fabric today for all of the new quilts so we'll have kits for those in a month or so too!

Browse around on the new website!  If you find anything that doesn't work properly PLEASE let us know so we can fix it ASAP!

xo Meg

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's up today???

 It's 100 degrees outside......about 150 degrees in the studio!!  Something's wrong with the A/C and we're DYING in here!!!!  This is proof of just how hot it is.........Jonn-O finally had all he could take and went outside to run through the sprinklers!! LOLOL!!!!
A few more minutes of this heat and we'll all be out there!  The A/C guy is coming (he just called to say he's almost here) so HOPEFULLY this'll be an easy fix and we'll be up and running right away.  It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow! YIKES!!!!  I'm thinking about sending my Jon into town to get a big kiddy pool....we could all sit around it outside in the shade......wonder if we can hook up the computers outside???  Can you say "electrocution"??  Hope your air conditioning is working!  xo Meg

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!

Doesn't this just SCREAM 4th of July????  We're going to build a fire tonight and roast hot dogs before we drive down by the river to watch the fireworks display.... you know what???  I just realized I forgot to get a hot dog buns!! YIKES!
I promised retreat photos... here they are!

Project boxes all ready for the retreat!
The calm before the storm...... as you can see, the theme was "lavender"....color, not necessarily the flower.    Everybody arrived on Friday morning and WOW!!!!  What a fun group!  They were SO MUCH FUN!!!!..... if only Nadine had remembered to bring her fart machine.............sigh!

Everybody got straight to work.  Look at those pretty smiles!
Saturday's needlebook project underway........

Jennifer's scissor fob in the works.
Boy... that lady on the right has REALLY hairy arms!!  Oh.... that's just Jon putting clasps on the fobs!

Everybody was trying to glue their fingers together.......it's a new stitching technique??

We had some GORGEOUS show and tell on Sunday!  Look at this applique!  It was a prize winner!  Ribbon on the back  and EVERYthing!
This little purse had the Knot-y Girls logo on it!!!! SO CUTE!!
The bats on this are little bat BUTTONS!!!!  Darling idea!  

This is a needlebook that Sandy made....well, there were a few more but the pix didn't turn out.....  ANYway!.... they are SO COOL!!!!  She used old clip-on earrings as a closure for them!  Such a great idea!

Moss purses......we formed a wagon train on Saturday and drove to Beaverbark to scavenge for more.... totally cleaned them out!!  
More show and tell......these were so happy and spring-y!
Hmmm...... what's to say?......this is fruit.
Crayon tinting is a lot of fun.... watching the flowers come to life!
Working intently.........everybody was so good at coloring!  Also, every last one of these ladies are great stitchers!!!   So many finished their projects!!  Boy I wouldn't have......I was WAY too busy yacking away... I wouldn't have gotten ANYTHING done!!  
OOhhhhh........more show and tell!

Calendula Patterdrip in purples and greens!!!  This looked SO Stinking COOL!!!!!

Work, work, work, work!!!!

Nice girls on the right.............troublemakers on the left????  If you don't believe me just look at the next picture!
  Holy mackerel Roxie!!!!
Thanks to everybody for coming, talking, laughing, and making this such a fun retreat!!  I hope we can get everybody back together again one day..........OH! don't forget Stacy!!!  We need fascinators for the synchronized chair dance next time!!!!  I want a big embroidery hoop with feather and flashing lights....don't forget the lights!!
xox Meg