Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's up today???

 It's 100 degrees outside......about 150 degrees in the studio!!  Something's wrong with the A/C and we're DYING in here!!!!  This is proof of just how hot it is.........Jonn-O finally had all he could take and went outside to run through the sprinklers!! LOLOL!!!!
A few more minutes of this heat and we'll all be out there!  The A/C guy is coming (he just called to say he's almost here) so HOPEFULLY this'll be an easy fix and we'll be up and running right away.  It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow! YIKES!!!!  I'm thinking about sending my Jon into town to get a big kiddy pool....we could all sit around it outside in the shade......wonder if we can hook up the computers outside???  Can you say "electrocution"??  Hope your air conditioning is working!  xo Meg


B J Elder said...

Oh my, no AC? I hope they got it fixed. You are right - it is way too hot here to NOT have it working. While they pick up the pool, be sure to get some of those big water guns. Might as well have fun while you try to beat the heat.

D Lindsay said...

Know what you mean about the heat -- even hot here in the mountains of West Virginia - 90s! Thank goodness, however, our AC IS working!
Stay cool and continue to create those lovely patterns. I just finished the embroidery on Alphabet Garden.

suz said...

We haven't had the extreme temps here in New England, but for New England it's been hot and humid. That usually happens at the end of August, so I can't wait (NOT!) I know I've been coming to work for the AC. We have a couple in the house, but they just keep the place at a reasonable comfort level (without having to take out loans to pay the electric company). Can't wait for fall.

Anonymous said...

When will the pattern /Vintage Tin be released????