Monday, January 18, 2010


I've been grumbling all day.... trying to get a few good pictures of Windflowers to use for the pattern cover and advertisement.... I have to have a picture & bio of myself for a magazine (two things I HATE to do!!)....the house isn't done and the painters are missing in action, I'm outside trying to get a closeup of the quilt with the crystals sparkling in the sun.....grumble, complain, poor little me......

Then I realized... holy mackerel girl!!! The sun is shining and it's almost 65 degrees! The birds sound like they're all twitterpated and I know absolutely, for sure that my son is alive & healthy and safe. I know that my husband is at work, just on the other end of a phone line & is healthy & safe. I know where all of my friends are, and that they're alive and safe too.

How horribly selfish and thoughtless am I that I can complain on a day like this? So, I can't get the perfect shot! So, my submission to the magazine may be a day or two late! So, that house is unfinished! I'm going to take a break and call Jon & Phil and bother them at work. I want to hear their voices.

Then I'm going to call that Red Cross cell number again and donate another $10 for the earthquake victims in Haiti. Hope you will too............then hug your family!!

xoxoxoxo Meg


Anonymous said...

Amen Meg! What a positive outlook...just happened to dial that red cross number myself!Urging others to do the same, what's $10? Still waiting with baited breath for the "new" stuff...Christina in KS

Amanda @ Morning Glory Cottage said...

What a nice outlook. I was at Road to California this weekend and saw many of your patterns there. Was fun to pick out the ones I didn't have. I can't wait for the new ones. Thanks for sharing your talent so generously.
Oh and isn't anything to do with contractors frustrating. We built my mother a guest house on our property almost 4 years ago, so I can sympathize with that. Have a wonderful day.

Sandi said...

That was a nice post. Sometimes life stuff can make us grumbly but I've had many reminders.....and one was that my son was alive....that remind me that the housecleaning, the laundry, can all wait. When I see your lovely weather, I drool! I would have glitter on any photo shoot right now but it would be real snow glitter. LOL! And yep, I donated $10 to Haiti relief through our church this Sunday. :-)