Saturday, August 7, 2010

August Begins....

Scissor Charms!!! Cindy's been busy, busy...and had made some beautiful scissor charms! Kathi will have them up on the website within the next few days. I'd like to keep them ALL!!

We have some new photos to share!!! This is "Winter Wonderland" made by Diane Ashley from Yakima, WA. (Just down the road!!) She has won a blue ribbon with her quilt... congrat's Diane!!!! It just looks beautiful!!! She writes that she'll be starting work on "Snow Days" soon....can't WAIT to see it!!!!
The next "Forget Me Not Bedding Set" pics were sent in by Leslie Fehling....she made these for her daughter.........Her work and her sewing are PERFECT!!!! Want to see WHY?????.... Want to really get jealous because you don't live where she lives, in her house????? Go to her blog at and after you've read EVERYTHING there....go to her other site that shows you pictures of her Summerhill Retreats!!!! OH YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT!!!! I SO, so want to go to a retreat at her home.....lampshades!...I want to do the lampshades!!! Already know how to make slipcovers......YUP, LAMPSHADES!!! Check out the one with all the little pleats! I wish I lived right next door .....well, a forest and a few acres away!...and Leslie was my new BFF!!!!! Thanks for sending all this in Leslie!

This friday I'm heading to Des Moines (the one in Washington!) to Carriage Country Quilts. Can't wait to see everybody! I know we'll have fun!! I'll try to take plenty of pictures while we're there...CCQ's classes are always so nice!!
Bye for now!
xox Meg


Annie Davis said...

OMG! It's hard to believe it! I am a friend of Leslie Fehling and have even been to Summerhill classes in her home. Let me tell you - Martha Stewart has nothing on her!!! :)

It's wonderful to see her pictures on your blog!

Lynn S said...

I really like your new header design with some of your design. The button and needle cards are new--so I went to your product site and see the new picture too--but not details yet. These are really stunning! I love sewing-related desings! Can't wait for the details!

Marian J said...

Meg: I haven't been on your blog for awhile so wanted to ask about the stitcheries that are featured in the heading. I recognize the ones on the left and right (have those patterns), but what about the center ones? Are they going to be new patterns?