Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sparkly Icicles

The sparkly icicles shown on the arrangement in the kitchen in the last post are really easy to make.  Simple, simple, simple!!!  You'll need white modeling clay (I used Fimo), stiff black wire, glue such as Elmers or Aleene's, and white glitter or mica.

Cut lengths of the wire about 3" long (one for each icicle)

Roll little carrot shapes from the clay.  Mine are about 4" long but they could be longer or shorter...just keep in mind that the longer they are, the heavier they'll be.

Poke a wire into the top of each icicle.  The wire needs to be at least 1" inside the clay.

Bake the icicles according to the package directions on a foil lined baking sheet.  They will be totally hard when they're done.  Cool completely.

Use a disposable paintbrush or sponge brush to coat each icicle with white glue and then roll in glitter or mica.

Let dry completely and then use pliers to carefully make hooks out of the wire sticking out of the icicle tops.

YOU'RE DONE!!!       Happy New Year!!!


Adrienne said...

Thanks for sharing this with us - think I'll try some new holiday season.

scarlette said...

Those icicles are great! thanks for the "recipe" Can you please tell me what gauge wire, and how it is purchased you used for that fabulous garland. thanks again, scarlette

Bonny said...

Can anyone come to your retreats? Are they in Benton WA?

Meg Hawkey said...

The wire is just thin, strong black wire...I don't know the gauge...as long as it holds the "hook" strongly you'll be good. As for the retreats...YES anyone can come. We do them in the studio in a rural area about 8 miles outside of Benton City, WA. Come play with us!!! xo Meg