Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi Everybody!
This is officially my first entry in the Knot-y Girl's Stitchery Club! The name.... the name was actually my husband's idea, though I think he meant it with the correct spelling! Whenever all of us (we?? so much for proper English!) girls all get together, we talk WAY too much, laugh until we're all sore the next day, and come up with way too many ideas that in one way or another are going to eventually get us into trouble!! I'm sure if all of us were here, in the same room together, that's exactly what would happen..... so.........Knot-y Girls we are!!
We're going to use this "blog" as our stitchery club where we can share what's going on here in the studio, where you can share ideas & tips & photos of your projects etc.... We're going to have free patterns & contests & games & show & tell & anything else we can think up ("we" being me, the girls & YOU!) Anyway, you get the idea!
I thought I'd show you the first photo of the first new pattern to be completed for release in October. It's called "Home Grown". It's cotton velveteen pincushions & seed packet needlecases. There are radishes, beets (my fav.) apples & carrots (my fav.#2).

I went nuts a few weeks ago putting together things to decorate our booth for quilt market in Houston. I LOVE decorating!! Looks like we won't be able to use any of it right now tho. You all know that Houston got hit by hurricane what's her name & when we found out that we'd lost our reservations because our hotel was badly damaged, we decided that it may not be wise to travel all that way concidering the uncertainty.... "Would we be able to find another hotel? Would the convention center still be housing evacuees? Would any shop owners show up???" So, we're going to stay home & enjoy Autumn instead! One thing I really regret is that I won't be teaching in McKinney, TX at Happiness is Quilting after market. We had to cancel that also. I was really looking forward to it. I got a call from them today though, & we're on for next fall for sure!

Here's another new design... this time a quilt called "Berry Picking Party". I was asked by Lecien Fabrics if I would use fabrics of theirs for an up-coming design. Their florals are

absolutely GORGEOUS so I said "Yes, Please!!". They also sent us their embroidery floss to use. It's called COSMO, comes in beautiful colors & has such a nice sheen. It was a joy to work with! We're putting both the COSMO & DMC floss numbers on the pattern. Here are a couple close-ups of blocks.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm..................... putting photos on here is going to take a little bit of experimentation to get them where I want them!

The other blocks are a berry pie, a pitcher of lemonade, a bowl of berries with cream & a bluebird, tea stuff, a table set for the party with cakes & petit fours and a gift basket with berries, flowers and jars of berry jelly!

I've always wanted to have a jam making party! Get together with a few friends & make four or five kinds of jam & then split them up between us. It's just such a good feeling when you look at those jars all lined up on the kitchen counter!! Maybe next summer............. We made two of these quilts. Sheila & I stitched the first one & Gracie, Judy, Cyndy & Jan divvied up the blocks on the 2nd one & got it done SO Quickly!! We have to make at least two of everything so that we have enough to send out in trunk shows & to catalogs to photograph.... YIKES!!! By the time you make the 2nd one, you don't really ever want to look at it again! Well, that's not quite true. It's sort of like giving birth - it takes a little while to forget the "pain" & then you're willing to do it again! I'll post more photos as we get them ready for their pattern covers.


sassy needlepusher said...

Hi Meg! I'm one of the girls who missed meeting you in McKinney. Darn that old Ike! The class went ahead and met, worked on the pattern and had a blast. Wish You Were Here! I think we all already committed to next year. Oh...and the Houston quilt show went off without any problems I could see...WAY too many pretties for me to take in! Thanks for the delightful designs!

Sherry B.

muffinandme said...

You might wonder why I am leaving a comment on your very first entry for this wonderful blog. You see, thanks to Lynette Anderson I have just discovered the Knot-y Girl's Stitchery Club and decided that it wasn't enough just to read it from the present day onwards. This needs to be savoured, to be appreciated and mulled over like a favourite book (the Anne books definitely come to mind here) and so here I am just having read your first post and looking forward with considerable relish to spending a little time over the next few days in your part of the world. So if you see the shadowy outline of a woman bending over your computer, intent on what is on the screen, don't be alarmed - it's only me, there in spirit, while the rest is here in cool, wet Warragul, somewhat east of Melbourne (Australia) thoroughly enjoying myself.

Warragul Vic