Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OK, no more pictures of dirt..... I promise! No matter how tempted I may be in coming months.

We've had a lot of questions about the new quilt patterns! ...... they won't be available until the first part of May............. We used two prints from Moda's "Sweet" collection for the "Snowmen A to Zzzz" quilt and the fabrics for "Vintage Trick or Treat" are all just collected from here or there with several from Lake House Fabrics including the orange border dot ...... both used DMC floss..... and yes, they'll both be single patterns, not block of the months!
We had some excitement on Saturday! We received a block for the Susan G Komen Forget Me Not quilt (it's already completed, quilted, photographed.... YIKES!) from Judith Baker Montano. Her block is SO GORGEOUS!! but we can't use it in the quilt.......duh!........ so we're going to make a pillow with it & they can include it as a "surprise" with the quilt! Well.... they may decide to treat it as a separate item........ I don't know, that will be up the the foundation! Anyway, it's going to be VERY pretty & will use the same fabrics that are in the quilt. YAHOO!!

We've received two more show & tell photos! The first was sent in by Shellee "hiccups" of her friend's "Over the River....." quilt. It was made by Karen Hopkins.... didn't she do a beautiful job??
Next is "Twas the Night....." made by Linda Kroon from Folktales in Lynden, WA (Boy, I'll bet it's gorgeous in that part of the state right now! That's near where all of the fields of tulips & daffodils are that you see on postcards & in travel magazines etc... Wish I was there!!) I wish the photo was clearer so that we could see all of her beautiful workmanship! Her email must have smooshed it down to a lower DPI when she sent it... YIKES! It made it tiny!

I just spoke on the phone with Emma from Buttonberry in the UK. They're always so much fun to talk to, very nice ladies! I have to admit that we love the accent.... we've all said that even if they said "Your patterns are hideous & we detest all of you!" , it would still sound so sweet with that accent & their pretty voices! It's always lovely to hear from you Emma!

Oh!... thought I'd let you know that I've decided to carry Cosmo embroidery floss from Lecien. It's beautiful, colorfast, easy to work with floss that has a color palette comparable to DMC so it will be easy to use a conversion chart. We'll still carry Weeks Dye Works hand dyed floss too! It's SO GORGEOUS!! We're going to be ordering next week so we'll let you know when it arrives & we can get it up on the website!!

Happy Easter!! I hope you have all of your decorations up & that you get your eggs dyed on time for Easter morning!!!................... you know what??? Other than "Here comes Peter Cottontale, hopping down the bunny trail........" I can't think of any other Easter songs other than hymns! No, wait a minute................" Easter Parade". Know of any others?? Someone needs to write a song about that sugar coma you go into when you've had too many "peeps"! Been there, done that!! xox Meg


hiccups said...

I have to admit that I think there should be a song about the sugar coma (especially with the peeps and the Starburst Jelly Beans)I have been there this week with the peeps overload.
I have learned to buy a few bags of the jelly beans and stash them in different parts of the cupboards so you can have them throughout the next couple of months.

Susan said...

I love your pictures of dirt!!! Okay, I am a bit confused about Cosmo floss, is it overdyed and is it colorfast if it is overdyed?? Sugar comas are great for working fast, gotta love 'um. Hugs, Susan