Friday, April 17, 2009

Robin's Nest

Well...... here's a quick update on the robin that's madly in love with my car! He & my car.... who we'll call.............Shirley...................... are starting a family it seems!!! He's chosen lavender clippings, moss & dried sage leaves as building materials (VERY classy interior design choices that will snazz up that engine compartment in a FLASH!)

I feel like such a rotton person, cleaning it off................ but I HAVE to be able to drive my car!!! (& honestly..... we all know that there won't be any eggs laid any time soon! Exactly how big would an SUV egg be????)

If you'd like to see one of the images of our Forget Me Not quilt for Susan G Komen for a cure you can visit the blog of our beautiful & generous photographer Sandy! You can see the quilt (& while you're there you have to browse through her galleries!) at & click on "blog".

We should have the rest of the images early next week & will be able to send the quilt away to Quilts Inc. so that they can have it for display at Spring International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh PA next month! I'm SO excited that we're finally ready to finish all of this up & get it out "on the road"!!! We'll be able to send quilt images & individual block images to their designers as soon as we get them so that they can put them up on their blogs & websites etc.... Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU ! to every one of you lovely ladies who contributed your time & talents!!!

xox Meg

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