Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Friday!

The sun is shining! Most of the trees are all leafed out, flowers are blooming (I have to get the last of my annuals potted up this weekend!) The robin who built her nest right outside the back door of the studio is busily sitting on her eggs.... and dive bombing us if we forget & walk outside the doorway. I have the feeling that before we're through we'll end up having to walk all the way around until she gets her little family out of the nest! There's another little family (sparrows I think) who have set up a nursery in the pergola on the other side of the studio. Unlike the robins, they don't seem so "all fired" ready to attack us when we go out there though, thank goodness!

We've been so busy with the new pattern release all week! Our poor UPS "dude"! The front porch of the studio is full of boxes for him this afternoon.... not as many as there were yesterday, but still.... I'll bet he hates seeing our "UPS" pick-up sign out!

We've had a lot of questions about the Cosmo floss (especially the 2 strand Multiwork). We have the floss ordered & it should be here any time now! We'll be getting all the floss colors used in our "Berry Picking Party" quilt. We'll pick up more floss colors as we use them in the new designs. I've also ordered many (about 75? 80?) of the 2 strand Multiwork colors.... It's a pretty good assortment I think! I can't wait till you can try it out. I'm just LOVING working with it on the "Flight of Fancy" quilt blocks (OH! that was another question we received!.... the pattern for it will be out in October.)

Last.................. I promised I wouldn't show you any more pictures of dirt..... but! I just have to show you our new house! The framers have been working on the roof trusses. It all goes together so quickly! I'm told though, that after the roof is on & the windows are in, progress slows Waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy..... down! By the way, just look at that blue, blue sky!

Have a nice weekend!


Lynn S said...

Thanks for ordering the multiwork embroidery thread! And for sharing your newsletter. Now we have a source for product!

Carrie P. said...

Lots to keep you busy out your way. Your house is coming along. That is exciting.

lissa said...