Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Vintage "Mother Load"!

What a beautiful Sunday! We left early this morning & headed up the valley to Yakima (and my favorite antique store, Pieces of the Past !) I was looking for metal letters.... wow! did I ever hit the mother load! I found lots of them & a glavanized metal locker basket (I'm heavily into anything that's galvanized metal!) Also managed to walk out of there with two big cement planter boxes that had been painted green at one point & then white. They're all flakey and chipped & absolutely PERFECT!! They also had this great display with sewing items just inside the front door (their merchandising is always so much fun!) Look at the chandelier of button & hook cards etc.... That's my "take" (well....most of it!) home safe & sound! Now it's time to play anagrams & figure out how many different words I can spell with the letters I've got!

In another shop down the block I found an old green toolbox a galvanized pail and an old purple (you know, from the sun...) glass bottle. I'm in heaven!!

On the way home we stopped at Piety Flats winery & mercantile in Donald. That has to be the cutest, most personality-rich building in this part of the state!! I'd give my eye teeth for their doors & screen doors! We're not really into wine but we did manage to walk out of there with several bottles of locally grown/made this & that. Dipping oil (mainly because the bottle is GORGEOUS!) Spiced apple jam & black raspberry jam (mainly because the jars are GORGEOUS!) Hmmmmmm......... I think I just learned something about myself!! LOL!!

How can anyone not love a place like this??? They used to offer fresh peaches or strawberries over ice cream in season..... wonder if they still do?? We'd get one on our way to or from camping in the mountains & eat them at picnic tables out under the apple trees in the orchard outside the store....................... Ahhhhh............. summer!

Hey! I hope your weekend is just as fun as mine has been!


bev ames said...

I am so jealous.I am looking for metal letters & metal plant contains too! Wish I was up in WA!!!

Robin said...

Well you did hit the mother load! Wish we had antique shops like that around here! I could get seriously lost in those shops! Glad you treated yourself to such a fun day. Your patterns are my favorites. Especially the Halloween and Autumn ones. Thank you for your wonderful talent.

Carrie P. said...

Congrats on your galvanized finds.