Friday, June 11, 2010

Off to the workshops in Spokane!

Well... we're getting ready to leave for this weekend's workshops at Haberdashery Designs and Needlework in Spokane! We're taking our camp trailer and have a campsite reserved at Riverside State Park (hopefully we can find the campground...the park service maps are ATROCIOUS!! and google maps just seems to have gone blind as far as this goes!) If we can't find it, we'll be the people camping in the WalMart parking lot!! LOL!!!!
Sheila and Cindy & I have been working all week getting the goody bags, door prizes and trunk show ready....we spent a panic-y hour or so tearing the studio and the house apart searching for the ONE sample that they'd requested...Zelda's Fancy Hat....finally we had to get Phil involved to do some heavy lifting and found it in the nick of time!! Ever store something SO CAREFULLY and safely, that you can never find it again????? THAT'S where good ol' Zelda was!! LOL!!
I hope I'll see you at one of the classes this weekend!? If not, hope you're going to have as much fun as we are!
xox Meg


Meagan said...

Oh I wish I knew about the class...I live just north of Spokane and would have loved to be there...the in-laws are here from the South and I can't break away. I think Riverside park is the one with the camp ground? Enjoy! Meagan


In the june 6th post--I have that same table cloth you have over the curtain rod--on my dinning room table --you can see it on my blog site a few days ago!!!
How "funny"--Hugs, Di

LONA said...

What is Zelda's fancy hat- I couldn't find it on your website.

LONA said...

What is Zelda's Fancy Hat? I couldn't find it on your website.