Sunday, June 6, 2010

Show & Tell Weekend!

Hi everybody! Look at this "Hocuspocusville" quilt sent in by Mary Meats (I've misplaced your email Mary...hope I got your name right? And I don't have any of your other information about your beautiful quilt!! I'm SO sorry!!!) Don't you love her choice of colors???? I would have never thought to do it on lime green!!! It's PERFECT!!! and I love the brights used in the center piecing...WOW you're good with color, Mary! Thanks for sending this in so we could all see it!
This wallhanging by Debbi (sorry, no last name) was made for a co-worker. She says they had so much fun sitting on the floor of the office to choose fabrics! I can just picture that!!! LOL!!!! I love the little candy canes! Her friend chose only a few of the blocks from the Winter Wonderland quilt and Debbi stitched them up BEAUTIFULLY!!!! She says that she sewed on glass beads instead of the french knots on the snowflakes.........I'll bet it sparkles! Thanks Debbi!!

This next picture was taken last night while I was stitching on some new dish towels. Honeybunny likes to get as CLOSE as possible (preferrably right in in face!! LOL!!!) but he rarely grabs at the floss...........just likes to watch it go up and down....and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs..........!

Phil took the pics....finally figured out how to use the flash in the one below so you can actually SEE Honeybunny's face! He's a real sweetie who just walked in one very cold, snowy winter (we think someone dropped him off......I just can't imagine doing that!) His two favorite things to do are get as close to your face as possible (I think he thinks he's a kitten that can curl up under your chin, not a 13 lb. cat) and around the house all puffed up and gargling. We call it's not meowing or yowling... it's.... gargling! He gets a little out of control on the hardwood floors but that just makes it funnier!!! What do you think cats hallucinate about when they go absolutely nuts like that????
This weekend I've tried to whittle away at projects around the house and studio. One, was to come up with some kind of curtains for the pantry and utility room. We didn't really need privacy...just something cute and simple. I used dish toweling for the pantry and "tied" it back with clothespins.
On my way down the hall to the utility room...stopped to take a picture of my first applique quilt. I LOVE to applique.......haven't had much time to in several years........can't imagin WHY???!!!
I just put an old tablecloth over the rod in the utility room (the other side of the cloth has some damage so if the sun fades it out it's not a huge loss. I also made a new ironing board cover using some reproduction 30's fabric. I didn't realize it matched my iron until I got it in there!!! LUCKY!
As long as I'm here!... These are the storage cabinets to the left of the window with my red stuff on top. They couldn't understand why I didn't want the cabinets to go all the way to the ceiling.....WELL!!!.....where the heck am I supposed to put all the cute stuff?????? Think men, THINK!!!!!
While I'm on a roll I think I'll cover the ironing board in the studio...wonder if I have enough batting?? I'll have to check.
Hope you're having a really nice weekend!?
xox Meg


Wendy in Kennewick said...

Are those your new cool glasses? We need a better look at them. Honeybunnie really lucked out when he walked into your life. Love the curtains.

Anonymous said...

Mary did an absolutely beautiful job on her Hocuspocusville quilt. The outline quilting she did around the embroidered structures really made them pop out! It's breathtaking! Meg, Honeybunnie is adorable. The picture of him looking right at your embroidery is so precious! I agree with Wendy in Kennewick, he definitely found the perfect home when he wandered into yours!

Darice in Spokane