Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Hi again!!! Here are the pics I took yesterday on our cross country trek....after this I won't bore you with any more travelogue!!! LOL!!!
Eastern Montana someplace.....I think that's the Yellowstone River. Doesn't it look like John Wayne should be leading the calvary across that river??? "Around her neck, she wore a yellow ribbon"! I'm POSITIVE this is the Yellowstone River below... can't really tell from the photos, but it's flooding a little and looks like milk chocolate (the rain was something FIERCE the day before!)

The first entrance to Yellowstone

More Montana...sorry, they're out of order

Even MORE Montana! (yes, that IS a big bug splat)

This is just minutes before heading down the hill into Butte MT.

This is a very pretty view as you head down the hills into Butte....except for the gorgeous bug splat taking up most of the picture!!! LOL!!!! Ok....we'd planned on stopping in Missoula for the night but since we were so close....we decided to drive on to Coeur de Alene (Boy, if I spelled that right I'll be amazed!!!) Idaho. THAT turned into "We're only 3 or so hours from home, so let's just go for it!!!!"

Ahhhhhhh........................... Idaho!!! Now the hills are starting to look like "OUR" hills, and the trees are getting taller and thicker like "OUR" trees!!!! HOME is so close we can TASTE it!!!

Down the hill...................and there's beautiful Lake Coeur de Alene! (yup...still think I spelled it wrong!) This is just part of the lake. It twists and pretty! Then.... here's good old Spokane in the setting sun! Two more hours and we were home!
We arrived to freshly cut alfalfa hay fields around us... a little bit of rain (unhappy hay farmers because of THAT I'll bet) and a VERY happy cat! Sixteen hours is too long to be in a car, but when home's at the other end of the drive it's worth it!
When I got in the office this morning I realized that these pics were on the blog sideways!!! Kind of hard to see, so I moved them here (they're of the booth!)
When we get a chance to unpack the trailer and take all the tags off the "trees", we'll lay out some of the "autographs" and get a picture of them to show you!!
Thanks for hanging in there with me while we drove home! I'm all junk-fooded out!!! Tonight we're having SALAD for dinner!!!


Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. Yesterday I actually laughed out loud (and I'm at work!!).

Wendy in Kennewick said...

Welcome home. Thanks for sharing your road trip!

Auntie Pami said...

What no moose? Isn't that normal when entering Yellowstone? Is that the Moda laundry basket? Glad you are home safely.

Gran said...

I loved meeting you at Q Mkt! We have the same kind of humor. I need to send the picture I have you, when the dust settles more here. I think it turned out great!

Anonymous said...

WOW, I enjoyed hearing about your trip. We actually went out west to the same places yearssssssssssss ago & we just loved it. I can't wait to hear what else you're up to.


Kristy said...

Thanks for the pictorial vacation from my sofa! Spokane is my hometown (I'm in the San Juan's now) but the blurry pick of W. Spokane made me think of home. Warm in the heart. Glad to have you home!