Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quilt Market day two!!

Denise Sheehan from A Graceful Stitch in her booth ( I bought the pattern for the quilt on the table and two others that aren't shown in pic........GORGEOUS!!! And Denise is SO nice too!!!

A new Christmas BOM from Pearl at P-3 Designs (looks great here and even better in real life!!)

There's Pearl in her booth surrounded by her beautiful quilts!!

The Weeks DyeWorks booth made that entire end of the aisle GLOW!

Check out the flaminco dancer ruffled sleeves on the man in the booth above!

There are SO MANY people here!!! That's GREAT, don't you think? Really says something about the health of the quilting industry!
We have some beautiful booths directly around ours.. Michael Miller is directly across the aisle and is done all in white...white trees, white fabrics, crystal chandelier..."Ecien and Cosmo are across the aisle in a different direction. OOOoooo!! Looking at all of their floss and fabrics all weekend!!!! The Weeks Dyeworks booth is several rows down but pretty much glows with all the gorgeous color in their booth. The other booth is A Graceful Stitch (really, REALLY beautiful applique!!!
The last images are all of my own booth. The"trees" have turned out to be a lot of fun for us! We"re having everybody who comes into the booth sign a card, put down their company or shop name, a message etc... Some people have written messages,song lyrics, and even a recipe or two!! I'm going to keep each and every one!!
OH! I'm so excited because I met Robyn Pandolph last night and then met Lynette Jensen today!! (Kind of got flustered and made an absolute fool of myself!)
I'll get more booth pix tomorrow...sorry I'm not getting out and about much but I will tomorrow!!
Good night!! XOX Meg
PS...sorry about all the typos, I'm doing these from my Blackberry and the buttons are TINY!!!


sandie said...

WOW! Sounds awesome! Isn't it soo fun to get together with the others and network!! Please post pics! It sounds incredible!

Carrie P. said...

Wow, what awesome booths and it looks like lots of fun to check them all out.
Hope you had a great trip home too. North Dakota sure is green. I have been to S. Dakota and I loved it there.

Sandie said...

OH WOW! The first time I looked at this there were no pics... but today they are here!! Looks like a lot of fun!! I would have loved to be there...

Sharon S said...

Your booth looked fab. I love that big ruffled cushion at the MM booth. Not realistic for my house, but very pretty.

peggy in mo said...

Market looked like such fun. Your booth was lovely. I would like to know if you have the name of the maker of the Christmas quilt with Santa in the center. I would like to purchase the pattern.

Renae said...

I went to market too. Loved it. I was sort of tongue tied when I met you. Love your stitching.