Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're in Minneapolis!!!

We've arrived, set up the booth,(well ALMOST finished!) And today Jan, Cyndy and Susan are shopping at the Mall of America. We're all going to meet up this afternoon to put the finishing touches on the booth. I'll take some pictures then!
Last night after setting up the booth Phil, Cyndy and I headed back to the hotel and Jan and Susan took a little detour... Let me back up a little bit. ;an drinks TAB and it's kind of hard to find so she had us bring a case of it along with us in the trailer. She was carrying her case back to the hotel the last time we saw her. ANYway... They got lost walking back to the hotel (One block away!) And ended up walking for about a mile...with that stincking case of pop!!!!! Wish I'd had my camera! Poor Jan!
I'm hoping that by the time we get over to the convention center this afternoon ther will be more booths set up so that I can get some pic's for you!
I'll keep you posted! SO EXCITED!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Minneapolis! The downtown area here is lovely; I hope you get out and enjoy it!

Sure wish the show wasn't wholesale only; I don't have ANYTHING scheduled for this weekend!

Carol S.

Sandie said...

OHMYGOSH! How exciting! Do post more pics while you are there! Be sure to show us your booth and all your fav treasures as you wander the others! :-)

patsy said...

Susan getting lost?? HA HA.