Wednesday, May 12, 2010

October 2010 Retreat

Hi everybody!

Boy!!! What a great response for the retreats!!!! Our October 2010 retreat is full, though we have a waiting list if you'd like to be put on it just in case! The 2011 retreats all have spaces available...(Well... I should HOPE SO!!!!... it was just posted YESTERDAY!!! LOL!!!)

Our Cosmo "Seasons" variegated floss arrived yesterday morning and Cindy and I worked ALL DAY getting floss kits for the new patterns ready to go. They're up on the website without pictures (that's the next thing on MY agenda for the day....take floss kit pics!)

We got the booth for Quilt Market mocked up (that's what's in the picture above, one vignette minus the patterns that will go in the baskets) photographed (so we'll know where to put everything) ...taken down...packed and ready to load onto the trailer (we're driving it to market this time instead of shipping it) and we're pretty much ready to go! Sheila and Cindy will stay in studio this time instead of coming with us, so they will be here to fill orders, ship, and answer phone/emails and stuff. I wish they were able to go with us, I'll miss them SO MUCH!!!! They'll be here watching "the Middle" on Thursday eating pizza without me!!! (We do that every Thursday for if you call & don't get an answer around'll know that we're stuffing ourselves and laughing our heads off!)................sigh!

I'm going to have to figure out how to blog from my phone so I can send you pictures from market!! OOOooooo!!!!!!.................. I'll do that today!!!! bye!


Sandie said...

Where's the show?! Do post pics while you are away! Let us see what the new products are that will be available!! (Im assuming its a wholesale show, right?)

Wendy in Kennewick said...

Your booth will be fantabulous!!
Have fun taking great pics with your mobile. I'll look forward your updates.

Auntie Pami said...

Got my flier today. LOVE the Seasons thread. And your wonderful patterns of course!