Monday, May 24, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig!

Well, we're on our way home from market...halfway through South Dakota and we've already driven through 3 big thunder/lightning/sleet/heavy rain storms!! As long as there are NO tornados we'll be happy!! I'm TERRIBLY homesick!! Just got a text from Sheila telling me that she's taking her daily hour lunch "date" with Honeybunny. He just needs his daily cuddle, head rub, and company until we get home. Wish I was there!!
It was so nnice to see everybody at market...catch up, gossip and laugh until our stoaches hurt! Our last night's dinner together at the Hyatt hotel, I thought we just MIGHT get thrown out of the restaurant!!!! Between Susan's air travel stories and Jan's smuggling her TAB in and refilling her glass under the table..."POP..sssssss!" And choreographing our routine for the Crabapple Hill synchronized swimming in the lobby fountain we're lucky they didn't call security!!!LOL!!! Oh's amazing what trouble you can get up to when you're so tired you're downright punchy!!!
When Sheila gets back to the office we'll see if she'll have time to load the pix I sent this morning. They're oF a few of my favorite booths (and fav people!) And a little of this and that!
See ya!...sorry for the typo's..mtired thumbs!


LesleyAnn said...

I got to see your cute little booth at Market, but unfortunately you were very busy and I didn't get a chance to meet you! :(!! Loved the new vintage postcards!! So very pretty!! I was wondering where you got those cute little stands that you placed cards in??? I think they would make great stands for things in our shop. Thanks, Lesley

loubasketcase said...

Your pictures made this Nebraska girl homesick! The weather can be dicey this time of year for sure. Glad you are safe and sound. Great pictures of the countryside and booths. Your booth looks amazing and what a great "tree" idea. I've met Lynette Jensen, too--how exciting! It's easy to get tongue-tied around these notable quilt superstars.

Donna Babbitt said...

Love your Honeybun, that picture is adorable of both of you, so cozy and stitchy.

Have others had this experience? When I sent my stitchy buddies to your Knot-y Girls website, they got porn ads!!!! We are still laughing!!!

I consider animal fur a fashion accessory, ddon't you??? Donna B