Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hard Luck Schmedley Week

Well...Monday it was one of the computers....Tuesday is was one of the copiers...Today???? Today a bird pooped on my head. No!!! This was no ordinary "walking along and bird bombs head" type of poop attack! This was a "bird flies by, poops on window screen/window open at head of bead/sprays through window and hits sleeping woman's head in bed" type of poop attack!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! I think that with this run of questionable luck, I should just (change the sheets first) crawl back into bed, pull the covers up over my head, and stay there for the rest of the week! Tell me...what are the chances that that could happen to anyone? I've had a long, long history of this type of thing. If it CAN happen, it'll happen to ME!

The pictures above were sent in by Gabriela Van Gemeren from Walnut Creek, California. This Hocuspocusville quilt was made for her by her mom (Gabriela wrote that her mom's "so talented!" and she's RIGHT!!! Look at the multicolored stitching she did to personalize this! Great job Mom!!

We've been super busy around here since we returned from Quilt Market. Every day has been so full, it's been hard for all of us to keep up! This is some of what's been going on.....

My new fabric line came out (The quilt fabric fat 1/4 bundles are still available, but all of the linen bundles are gone) and we should be getting more fabric any day now. It won't be made into fat 1/4's though...yardage only. I'll get it up on the website as soon as it arrives!

We have all of the colors of Sparkles floss now! I can't wait to use the black in something Halloween-y!!!!

We're getting ready for the Summer Stitching Sojourn Retreat!!!! It's next weekend already! I can't wait to see everybody!

We're also getting ready for the Sagebrush Shop Hop in July! We had so much fun participating a couple years ago! We're going to open the studio up again for the shop hop July 9th through 16th. We're planning for exclusive patterns and kits (with the time crunch, we'll see how much of THAT actually happens!!!). I'll put more info up about the shop hop as soon as I get a chance, along with directions to the studio!

OH!!!! Today we're going to start cutting kits for Calendula Patterdrip's Cottage!!! It will be exactly the same fabrics used on the pattern cover. If you're interested in purchasing a kit, we're starting a list and can hold one for you. I don't have it priced yet and we'll have a VERY limited number of them.

Well....that's it for now. I need to get started cutting those kits!
xo Meg


Kori Turner (olive grace studios) said...

Hi Meg! I don't have quite a crazy bird poop story like yours but I did get craped on before an interview. I didn't get the job but it did help lighten the mood because the man who was interviewing me was very serious and making me nervous so I dedcided to be myself and lighten the mood and tell him what happened! That bird of yours must have had a stomach ache... lol! Kori

Debbie Thomas said...

In Italy that's a sign of good fortune!:)

Witch of Stitches said...

What Debbie said! It's good luck!

Beth said...

That is a very bad week, but bed doesn't sound like a safe place for you either.

cinzia62 said...

bellissimi lavori ,grazie per le idee che avete proposto ciao cinzia bologna italia

Pam P said...

Oh my! I haven't been pooped on, but my mom was!! We were driving and her window was open just a crack - maybe an inch - and a bird flew past and and it's poop came right through the window and plopped right on her arm!!! OH HA HA HA! We were laughing so hard that I had to pull the car over! That was a few years ago, but we still scream with laughter when we talk about it. And maybe it's only lucky if you're Italian? We are Polish and think it's just kinda yucky :) But funny!