Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Retreat Weekend!

This weekend was our Summer Retreat!! We had so much fun!! Of course it's great to catch up with friends we haven't seen for awhile, share stories and.........what was that we did????? Oh yeah!...Nireko taught us all how to say "potty" words in Japanese! I have to admit....I've written them down & intend to use them!!!!LOLOL!!!!
On Friday we stitched and had show & tell. They brought some BEAUTIFUL projects!!! Where were the cameras THEN??? We talked about the "great bagel incident of 2011"...(Phil went to the store for 24 bagels and came home with 10 packages of 6ea....don't ask, it's still a mystery!) Then, of course, was the "great curse of 2011" which started with getting birdie pooped on in bed ...what was that, last week?....and hopefully ended this weekend with a week full of copier problems, a dead dishwasher, a dead ice maker,.....(wait, I'm not done....) broken food processor...Just what you want when 18 of your closest friends are stopping by for the weekend! Luckily the septic system didn't back up and the place didn't burn down!! LOL!!!
Saturday was beautiful. We stitched all morning (in between feedings) and then we went into the house to make the small projects. Dinner was outside....hot dogs & root beer floats. Then back into the studio for the evening.
Sunday...another gorgeous day!...we stitched (I hope everybody loved those cast-on stitch forget me nots as much as I do!) until everyone had to leave for home.
All in all, this was a weekend of laughter, relaxation, sharing and peace. Ahhhhh.........I can't wait till next time!
You're all so sweet, funny and just plain lovely! Thanks for coming!!
Xox Meg, Sheila, Cindy & Jan

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Anna said...

wish I could be there! have fun!i