Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good News!

Last night I pulled my last block of  "A Gardener's Alphabet" out of my project bag only to find that it was damp and stained!  I don't know what was spilled in it.....nobody fessed up!....
ANYway.... I tried rinsing the stains out and it didn't come out.  So... I thought "Oh well... I'll probably have to re-do the whole thing anyway!" and I used Shout stain remover on it... AND the little scrubber attachment.......99% of the stain came out and NONE of the crayon tinting was removed!!!! YAY!!!!  Talk about trial by fire!  So... I'm not going to re-do the block.  I'm going to leave the little stain that's left as proof that the crayon tinting isn't as delicate as some people's in there to STAY!   I SOOOOoooooooo didn't want to redo that block!  It's almost completely done and has alot of stitching in the zinnia petals.  What a relief!!!  Panic averted........I can breathe again.

It's SO cold here today... it was 27 degrees last night... so November's started with a BANG!! 
This morning I chose the days for the 2013 retreats.  I'll be posting them on the website the morning of January 1st (no... not at midnight!) , and we'll take emails and phone messages in the order they were received by the time posted on each.  We'll start phoning and emailing everyone as soon as we're back in the office after the holiday.

I've just finished drawing a pattern (Valentine!) for the class I'm teaching at Village Quiltworks in Richland on February 11th.  And... as I find myself alone in the studio today.....I'm going to scan it in to the computer, and then take the rest of the day off.  I'm thinking there may need to be some shopping that REALLY needs to be done! LOL!!!

Have some fun today!  xo Meg


Madeline said...

that puzzle is too "knotty" for me, but I like the concept of a little puzzle.

Glenna said...

Great blog!

Kathy in GA said...

Love the block and of course the word challenge is keeping me from sewing today! Yikes! But, if you grant license with a few double words, I finally came up with this phrase, hope you enjoy it!
Crabapple Hill:
thread (the)
needle (with)
Cosmo floss (to)
embroider (on the)
fabric (in your)
Only way I was coming up with using all and only those letters in "nine" words!
thanks for the chance for prizes!

crcquilt said...

Regarding your stain on your stitchery - We have a local soap maker (Living Simply Soap)that makes a Lye stick you can use to remove stains - might be worth a try.

Diane said...

I was on myt way to Calgary drinking coffe and stitching when desater hit. My lip must have had a hole in it cause there in the middle of my stitching of Winter Wonderland there was the biggest drop of coffee you could imagin. What to do.... rub with a touch of water...nothing. Stopping at Out of Hand (my newest favorite quilt shop in Calgary)and telling the girls there about my problem.. they told me about the blog and to check it out. Well I couldn't find what you had used, but I found the Tide to go I trided it. Three times, and I have my project back so I don't have to redo....YES....thanks to everyone for the info very helpful...what I was having in mind to do want very good. Love your site. Thaks.