Thursday, November 5, 2009

Less than one month left!!


It's hard to believe that it's already November! That means that the "Forget Me Not" quilt winner will be drawn on December 1st !!! You would not only win the quilt but also a pillow made with the block made by Judith Baker Montano! If you haven't purchased your raffle ticket yet, just follow the link on my website ( and it will take you to the Susan G Komen website where they are being sold. HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!!!!

I'm sorry about huge lapses of time between posts. Between working on new patterns and our new house, time just seems to disappear! Our house looks like it's about 2 months LATE and we may be moving around Christmas time..... I'm going to take the "Pollyanna" high road and look at it as a great big Christmas present and not freak out!!!!! But.....really...... I want to say "#$%^!@*, get it DONE already!!!" In the meantime, I've almost totally packed our old house, & since I'm not going to decorate IT for the holidays, I'm going "all out" in the studio! The tree is up...lights decorations yet... village houses, lights, vintage ornaments, and greenery is arranged... music is on (I'm actually kind of embarrassed by the number of Christmas CD's I've found I have... I have two copies of several of them (must have REALLY liked them! LOL!!) so I'm telling myself that I just thought ahead... how CLEVER of me!.... and got one for the player in the car too!)

I'm going to have to paint clothespins to clip things to the tree and it dawned on me that you may like to know how to make them! So... here goes.... easy, easy, easy!

You will need:

wood clothespins (the cheap ones in the grocery or hardware store, not the craft store expensive ones)

a large zip lock bag or a good, thick garbage bag.

a bottle of acrylic craft paint (I'm doing white this time.... the black ones for Halloween turned out great too... I've also done pink, green, orange, and white.....wonder where those disappeared to?)

an old towel or large rag (absorbent and nothing you'll care about ruining)

paper towels

Pour some of the paint into the bag and mix water with it until it's about the consistancy of whipping cream (before it's whipped....duh!) Just squish & rub it around in your hands to mix it.

Put the clothespins in the bag of paint. Seal it up and roll them around until they look like they're thoroughly covered.

Take the clothespins out of the bag (I use rubber gloves) and spread them out on the towel. You can dab them with paper towels if they seem really..... paint-y.

Let them dry in a warm, dry place. If there's plenty of air movement they'll dry faster.

Every hour or so, turn them over & roll them around as they dry.

That's all there is to it!!!! Have Fun!


Ina said...

lol, Meg, I pulled out MY Christmas CDs about a week ago, too. I figured since I'm working on gifts now, I might as well have some fun with the music! ;0

The 'finish' work in any remodels does go slow. I've been there and down that. Hang in there. You will get there.

My only advice: either plan on take out for Christmas dinner or go to a friend's or family memeber's house for that special meal because you will be too exhausted to cook by the time you do move in. ;0

suz said...

Thanks for the great clothespin idea! I just pulled my Christmas music out last weekend - no one is home now during the week, so I can play it to my hearts content. I schedule sewing projects around each CD - need an hour on a project, find a CD with that much time! It's amazing how much gets done!

Anonymous said...

I have met all the requirements for KG! How do I join?

Anonymous said...

So a silly question from me is what exactly do you pin to the tree? I assume you hang your ornaments? but what else can I put on my tree with this wonderful clothes pin idea?

Brenda in Utah