Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Want to whip up a flurry of snowflakes????? I've been making these since I was a little girl... they're SO EASY to make and so, so pretty! Make a blizzard for your windows.... decorate packages.... decorate the tree (did that one year! The colored lights glow through the paper!)...cut them and don't even open them but just put them in your Christmas cards as a surprise gift! All you need is regular, old copy paper and a sharp pair of scissors! Snip, snip away and you'll have a snowstorm! If you click on the images below, they'll be bigger and easier to read... or you can right click and print!

Have fun making it snow!!!

xox Meg


Stina said...

Oh this will be a perfect thing to do today... snowflakes...son is home sick with some kind of flu... :o/...so thanks for the idea... it was years an years since I made snowflakes!!

Miri said...

Beautiful! These would make wonderful applique designs!