Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Valentine Greeting!

I just finished another block from "Fondest Regards" and realized..... GEEZ!!! .... it's a Valentine! I was going to do French knots all over the heart but if there's an opportunity to use pretty, sparkly, PINK beads??????? Enough said! LOL!!!!

Hmmmmm..... which block to work on now!!!?

xox Meg


CuteStuffInside said...

I LOVE that!


I've got a pink bead-knitted purse Valentine giveaway going on right now - please come over and take a guess - seeing as how you like beads and all.

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christine m. east of toronto said...

hi! i am completely new to your site and just LOVE your designs! i saw 2 of your quilt patterns at my favourite local shop and came home to visit your website for more info. i just have a question about the stitching part of the patterns. is the work done primarily in a backstitch? and although i have done a fair bit of cross stitch i'm just not sure what the secret is to keeping nice, neat, even stitch length on fabric (once there are no evenly spaced holes in the cloth to guide you!)thanks!