Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quilting Embroidered Quilts

Hi! I'm in the office to pay the bills and catch up on my emails today.... then back to un-packing! I'm SO TIRED!!!! And SO ready to be DONE!!!!! ..........but it's fun seeing the house come together, so it's very worth it! Thanks for all of your well wishes!! They give me a much needed boost to keep working and get the house pulled together!

I had a question from Wendy this morning about how to quilt an embroidered quilt. You do have to quilt the embroidered areas or they'll "POUF" out and look really sloppy in the finished quilt. I'm a hand quilter and if I was hand quilting one of the embroidered quilts it would be really easy to quilt around and through the embroideries and not disturb them....... BUT!!!!...... I don't have time to hand quilt anymore so we've found two really lovely ladies to do my machine quilting, Jill Therriault from Wenatchee and Susan Johnson from Richland. I have them quilt around and throught the embroidery in designs that complement the stitchery. They have to avoid heavily embroidered areas (such as lots of lazy daisy petals or french knots) and, of course, beaded areas. Most beading should be done AFTER quilting. It will make your quilter MUCH happier, and it's easy to hide the thread ends between the layers of fabric and batting. If you only have a few beads though, I'd just go ahead and sew them on beforehand and let your quilter know where they are so that she can easily avoid them when she quilts.

Some embroidery (and fabric patterns..... and piecing for that matter!) lends itself to simple, simple, simple quilting................... Some embroidery just calls out for detailed quilting.... Here's an example; Flight of Fancy with it's bold, bright, graphic fabrics and large scale embroidery lends itself to large, simple quilting. Pieces of the Past with it's simple, uncluttered and pale fabrics and detailed, pastel embroidery lends itself to heavier, close together quilting that makes the embroidered areas "pop". Just use your imagination & have fun with it! (Jill quilted Pieces of the Past with an all-over vertical "wallpaper" design around the plates.... heavily quilted around the appliqued areas inside of the "picture", and left the "tablecloth" pretty much un-quilted so that it would ripple a little bit like a tablecloth normally would..... Winter Wonderland on the other hand was quilted by Susan with an all-over swirling pattern with snowflakes suggesting blowing snow... both look just great!)

Well..... enough of a break.... back to un-packing! WHEW!!!!! :o)
xox Meg


Valerie said...

Good luck with all the unpacking!

Dianne said...

Thanks, you're a lifesaver! I'm also coming to the home stretch of Winter Wonderland and was wondering what to tell my quilter. I finished Berry Pickin' and went right on to WW without sending it out to get quilted because I was pondering what to do, like would it look good machine quilted at all? I personally love the piecing and embroidering of the tops and hate the quilting so this helps immensely.
P.S. Congrats on the beautiful new house!!!

Wendy B in Kennewick said...

Congratulations, Meg, on your new home and dream come true. I can imagine how wonderful it will be with your magic touch. It's been too long since we've visited.

Jannie said...

I am so glad to have found you! I love your designs and thread choices! I just finished your harvest pumpkin pattern and I love it! Thank you for sharing the designs for the stitchery club. I need more instructions on how to color those patterns. Do you color first or after you have stitched?