Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi! I finished stitching the center block of a new quilt "Fondest Regards" just in time for Valentine's Day!!! Really.... finished this about 10 minutes ago and I LOVE it!! I'm using new variegated floss from Cosmo (totally colorfast) and it's just been so much fun to work with and it's turning out SO pretty!!! The forget-me-nots are done with one floss.... YEAH! ONE floss!! Same with the blue flowers at the bottom and the words. This floss will be released at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis. I don't know what they're going to call it either... right now their variegated floss is called Marble Threads but they're supposed to be changing the name.... something pretty I hope! We'll have all of the ones that I'm using up on the website when they're available. WOO HOO!!!!
OH.... another 1/2 woo hoo!........... our house is almost done & we should be able to move into it in a week or so! Once they give us the "go-ahead" I'll be pretty much missing in action for a couple of weeks to get "nested in" but I'm going to set aside time every day to stitch on the new designs so that they'll be ready in time for market. I can't wait to live without cardboard boxes everywhere!!!! Wish me luck.... this has been a marathon house build so hopefully the move will be easy to make up for it!!!

This is the Gardener's Angel of Spring, made by Wendy Stanek. She's added flowers from another pattern at the edges. She wrote that her 7 year old daughter wanted MORE embroidery on the fabric......................... a future pattern designer???? Looks great Wendy!

Well..... I can't remember quilte how long ago.... or WHAT this was for, but I love what Elizabeth Quigley from Texas did with this little free pattern! What a cute Valentine dish towel!!! Hmmmm...........I may need to make one!

These next few Hocuspocusville pictures were made by Laura Allen from St Louis, MO. She's done the quilt in mainly orange and she's added black beads and extra this's and that's here and there to spark it up!! LOVE what you've done Laura! Great job!

Hey, just a reminder! I LOVE to get your pictures of projects so that we can share them like this!!! If you can send them as big as possible (at least 600 dpi or so but can be as large as 1500 or more) Just as big as your email will allow........the bigger the pictures can be once they're loaded on the blog! YAHOO!!!! Then we can see all the beautiful details of all your hard work!

Extra Hugs & Kisses for Valentine's Day!! Meg


Shirleymac said...

I love your stitchery you just finished. I'm about to start on my Hocuspocusville stitchery. I can't wait... I'm just struggling trying to find the perfect fabric for it cause it's just such an awesome quilt. My whole stitchery group is working on it.

Tina said...

If you happen to find the cute little hot chocolate cup (or tea or coffee and bailey's-tee hee) I would love to have a copy!