Monday, October 4, 2010

Beautiful La Conner Day!

Well, La Conner was gorgeous!  The weather was perfect and there were farm stands EVERYWHERE with pumpkins and the last of the harvest fruits and veggies.  The roads around were lined with sunflowers and black eyed susans and they all had signs that I'd want hanging in my LIVINGroom!!!  La Conner, itself, looks like a seaside old town on the coast of Maine or something!  Crab pots were stacked here and there and almost every building looked like it came straight from a movie set!

The class was so much fun!  Everybody was so nice...AS USUAL!!  We had a teaching assistant (Jane from Anchorage, AK) who was SO much help and made the day go off without a hitch!  I love that the photos all show the sun pouring in the windows onto everyone.

After the class, we went for a short drive to Anacortes on Fidalgo Island (Check out a map of Washington, we're right off the San Juan Islands) and I took a few pictures of the water...(I PROMISED I'd get water pics this time!!)  I got kind of turned around so I don't know if we're looking inland or toward the San Juans in these..........HEY!  I'd been in class all day and I was TIRED!!!  .........well, sun sets in the west...SO, we'll have to do some CSI type forensic photo work to figure that out! LOL!!!

I'm sorry, I'm sort of punchy from working on writing "How Does Your Garden Grow?" all day.  The diagrams are BRUTAL!!  Hope you enjoy this pattern!  It will release next week (if all goes as planned that is!)
Talk to you later!
xo  Meg


Sandie said...

Looks like it was a fun day for all! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics of LaConner... I am going to live in that area some day! I just love it there! Hope you got a chance to eat at The Country Cupboard.. fun little lunchy spot that we always enjoy when we are there!

Huckleberry Patches said...

Oooh, I must add La Conner to my list of places to visit! What a beautiful spot! Thanks for sharing!

Doris said...

So many fun Crabapple Hill items in one direction and beautiful scenery in the
other. Wish I could have
been there. I could be
your assistance as I have
made or am making almost
everything you sell.

Creative zone said...

i just love your blog and your talk..can you just tell me how to do to applique and embroidery on it