Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's almost time for the Autumn Retreat!!

 We've been working on all of the retreat surprises and spiffing up the studio & the house to get ready for everyone's arrival on the 22nd.  We're all SO EXCITED!!!  As you can see... we're also getting alot of help from Honeybunny.......every piece of wool we'll be using for this kit has been 100% quality control checked for napping comfort!!!  It has his stamp of approval (and a few hairs!)
A couple of nights ago (from L) Cindy, me, Jan and Sheila went to the "Girl's Night Out" Halloween  event held at Beaverbark Garden Center ('s so much more than just that!).  There were about.......hmmmmmm....... a jillion??? people there!!  We had so much fun!  Before we left we got our picture taken in front of this old hearse with the tall, young vampire behind us. 
It was so funny because after the picture was taken and the "photographer" started to leave our vampire said in a very UN-vampirish voice to him.........."Thanks grampa!"..........SO cute!!!
Next, I just took some pictures in the house...just a little bit of Halloween deco!  Have you made Zelda's Fancy Hat?  I LOVE mine!

Yes... I'm MADLY in love with mercury glass!  It seems to be a new I NEEDED another one! LOL!!
 I just love this tiny little pumpkin pail!  There's something so cute about mini things....don't know why?!.....maybe that's why mini cupcakes are so darn's a conspiracy!!!
The next picture is just a "teaser"!!!  This is part of the stitchery we're going to be doing at the retreat.  I've decided that I'm going to draw up several more blocks on this theme and put them together in a quilt for release next spring.  I'll show you the rest of the stitchery after the Stitching Sojourn Retreat is over!!  I will say tho.... it's alot of FUN!!! (do you like the candy cornflowers???)
We're working feverishly to get the new pattern "How Does Your Garden Grow?" released.  In fact Sheila is working today (Saturday) at printing them up...yes, she's a VERY good girl! LOL!!!!  We'll be shipping to the distributors and then we'll send out info about the pattern to shops next week and get the pattern up on the website.  I'll send out a little message to let you know it's ready!
I hope you're having a GREAT start to Autumn!  Talk to you later!
xox  Meg


Anonymous said...

lUv LuV lUv the new pumpkin in the stitchery for the retreat! :)
Christina, KS

scarlette said...

I love the candycorn. sign me up for that pattern. it is GREAT! just let me know how to pay

Susan said...

You are like the coolest designer EVER!!!! Can I move in????


Anonymous said...

You are remarkable! How do you keep coming up with all these GREAT designs!!!! I have a crabapple hill house. Can't wait till next spring. Love it!

Tina said...

The teaser looks so cute! I can hardly wait!

Laine said...

Oh you are so bad teasing us that way with this new stitchery. I so love your patterns and wish I was able to attend one of your retreats. Do you ever come to Illinois?

Carrie P. said...

Lovely decorations! And yes,I do love the candy corn flowers. Too cute.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Where did you get the reading glasses with the rhinestones on them? Did you make them?

Anonymous said...

P.S. Wish you'd do some Wicked Witch stuff.

Meg said...

We have those glasses on the website! They come with the crystals on if you're interested and one of us will look at the ones we have to make sure we have the strength you'd like.

La Viajerina said...

Hey, great work, nice events, I have to read further.
For now, I'm just letting you know I've made a version of your hat, unfortunately without the embroidery. For two reasons: choice of too busy prints, and no time :). I still want to do the embroidered version, I love embroidery. Oh, and it's a wearable hat. We have to wear it. Definitely.
Thanks for all your great work!
Here is the hat: