Monday, October 25, 2010

Stitchery Sojourn Retreat 2010!!

WOW!!!  There's so much to show & tell.....but I think we'll start at the "end"!  LOL!!!!!  This is Gerry, Marianne, Susan, Judy, Kristi, Ruth, Judy, Sandy, Dianna, Diane, Kathleen, Jill, Brenda, and Wendy (Diane and Lisa are in the "witch's witness protection program" it seems, and wouldn't get into the picture!) 
First, I have to tell you that there was a big, nasty weather system moving in on the weekend, and the weather reports all said that it was going to be dark and rainy the whole time....luckily nature smiled on us and it was only gray and raining when we wanted to be inside.  Whenever we wanted to go cleared up and was warm and GORGEOUS!!!  We were truly charmed!

Friday at lunch time. Gerry and Kristi are checking out the bread....
Work, work, work!
Ruth tries to decide which sweet treat to try... While Honeybunny stands guard at the candy bar.
On Saturday afternoon we all walked over to the house to work (WORK????....NO!) Play on some small projects. Jan was upstairs helping everybody make beaded pins.  Cindy was in the dining room helping everyone get their scissor fobs made and Sheila had everybody else making little sewing cases in the living room. I was outside by this time helping Phil strip. (more about that later!) 
 Susan, Gerry and Wendy are the last to leave?
No... Ruth is there too!............It looks like Judy, Diane, Judy and Jill all went out to sit in the sun on the back porch to finish their cases.  It was SO, SOOOoooooo pretty outside!
We got just about everybody in on the stripping......(OOOoooooh, you have a dirty mind!  We're stripping the leaves off of willow branches to make the witch's brooms!!!) 
 Sheila and Kristi are working away in the sunshine.
It's kind of like a witch parking lot huh?
More stripping!  Looks like Judy's choosing the perfect broom handle.
Ruth's broom is finished!  Look at all the cool, twisty handles they chose!!!
Back to the studio for dinner and our Saturday night "Stitch-in".  We laughed SO hard and had so much fun!  Wish I'd gotten a pic of Marianne with the Halloween candy eyeballs inside her glasses!!!  Or was that on Friday???
Gerry and Marianne (check out Marianne's earrings...they glow in the dark!  REALLY!!!  We tested it!  Turned out all the lights and made her dance around in the middle of the room...
well, the dancing may have been HER idea!!???
What's everybody looking at?  Oh yeah...a new design!
Wendy's tying her nametag on the tree!  We're going to have to try to find all of them and see what they say!  All good, I hope!  I think everybody had a good time, Cindy, Sheila, Jan and I sure did!  By the way... this retreat just plain wouldn't have happened if not for all the hard work that they all did!  How many times DID you all walk from the house to the studio and back??? How many dishes did you wash???  You all know the in's and out's of my kitchen and pantry better than I do now!!! 
I'm SO thankful for this group of "girls", you've no idea!!!!
Now................................for the troublemakers of the group!...................................
Diane by the pumpkins, what a pretty picture!
Susan: "Wendy, you think these would make good earrings????"
Wendy: ""
Brenda and Dianna pretty in red!
Judy and Sandy getting ready to fly home to Idaho!!! LOLOL!!!
Ruth looks too sweet to carry a broom.
Goodbye everybody!!!  We loved, loved, LOVED having you come to our first retreat!!!!  You were such a lovely group and we can't wait to have an Alumni get-together!!!

BIG  XOXXXXX's!!!!     Meg, Sheila, Cindy and Jan


Sandie said...

Awww! How Fun! Looks like everyone had a great time and it was so fun to see your pics... loved being able to see bits of your beautiful studio, too!! SOO INSPIRING!!

Ina said...

How fun! I enjoyed looking at each picture! ;0

Dee Howie said...

WOW! What fun you had.
Wish I was there. Can you post a picture of the project you did so we could see all of it.

Dee Howie said...

Wow! What fun you had. Wish I was there.I would love to see to project you all worked on.
Dee from Leavenworth

Mama Pea said...

That looks like wayyyy too much fun! Will have to keep my eyes open for the next one. Just discovered your blog!

Nancy said...

Hi Meg

Sure looked like your 'Retreat' was a succcess and fun!!

In one of the photo's is pinned a embroideried piece of an 'Old Fashion Shoe' this a new design or have I missed it in your patterns???

Linda Cole said...

Looks like you all had such a great time. I wish I lived close to you gals. Loved all the pictures.

Wendy in Kennewick said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. Wish I could have been there.

Melody said...

Looks like you had so much fun. I wish I was there.

Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Marian, I live in Marysville, Wa. and I think you gals are "GREAT" any openings in your "Stitchery Club"? Keep Laughing!