Monday, May 2, 2011


 I just love it when you put your own "spin" on my designs!!!  Penny Pierce from Lakefield, Ontario Canada, really made Snow Days her own!  She added an icy pond by the creek, complete with "shinny hockey" players (I've no idea what that is...I'm sure every Canadian out there does tho!)  They're SO COOL!!!

 Then she made the schoolhouse flag the Canadian Maple Leaf!
 And added extra snoballers throwing snowballs from the interior pieced area of the quilt!!!  I don't know about YOU....but I'm EXTREMELY impressed!!!!  SO,SO...SO great Penny!!!
 Here's another "spin" on Tea Party from Christina Smith from Leavenworth, Kansas.  She said that she used nine of the blocks in this quilt and the other three for a table runner!  It's beautiful Christina!  Good job!
 These two garden angels were made by Carol Gerety of Lansing, Kansas. She hand quilted the angel of winter with perle cotton (don't you love the way that looks Carol?...back when I had the time ( free time now!) I hand quilted everything and my favorite method was with perle cotton!)
 Carol says she made the winter angel for her Aunt Ellen and says "She's written to me about how she's loved reviewing seed catalogs and now is losing her eyesight, so I thought she could feel my stitches."  What a lovely thing to do for her Carol!  It's a beautiful lap quilt and I'm sure she'll be able to feel the love in all of your work.
 This "Love" pillow was made by Nancy Guilfoil.  She wrote the name herself and added flowers to it.  You did such a beautiful job of personalizing this Nancy!  It's so delicate and "little girl"!!  I'm sure the new mom loved it.  It's so very sweet!
 These are pictures of a project bag made by Sharon Szekely.  She says that she took this class last summer at Quiltmaker's Shoppe in Arlington, Washington and used scraps from another project to piece it....look at the side pieces of the bag!
 She pieced them too!!!!  That looks SO COOL!!!!    You did a beautiful job!
This picture was sent in by our friend Shellee Jensen "Hiccup Girl".  Isn't the snowman fabric fun???  I hope we see you at Quilt Market in Salt Lake! ?
Please, Please, PLEASE email pictures of your finished projects...ESPECIALLY if you've kind of "done your own thing" with them!!  I LOVE SHOW & TELL!!!
xo Meg


May Kristin said...

How fun to see the different variations! I've also made my little twist on one of your patterns! You can read about it here if you like!
And I'm looking forward to do your Snow days quilt!

Mrs. DillyDally said...

I love everything about your patterns and designs. Thank you so much for sharing how others use your is very inspirational! Thanks!

Anna said...

Wow, what a great show 'n tell! Thanks for sharing, my mind is spinning with ideas!

Leeanne said...

Beautiful projects.I love your patterns.I have finished Heirloom Romance, after only 3 years!!When I say finished, I have only to piece together and quilt!
I am making your English daisies, with the felt backing, on Anni Down's Angel Story quilt, I love the look of these wee flowers, very 3D.

Beth said...

Great show and tell. I am working on making the pieced blocks for Over the River right now.
I am stitching the halloween poem also.

EFT Manual said...

You have a way with creating beautifully-designed patterns. keep it up.

Anxiety Remedies said...

Your beautiful geometric designs are exwuisite.

Carrie P. said...

Oh,they are all so great.
Penny did some really cute things on her quilt.

Sharon S said...

Thanks for putting my purse on the blog. It was a very fun day. It reminded me of how important it is to take time for ourselves!
I love Penny's quilt. I have quilted several Crabapple Hill quilts for my customers & never get tired of the endless combinations & creativity.

Martha said...

I can't believe I lucked up on your website. I bought "Snow Days" at the Houston Quilt Show last November, only it is the most beautiful shades of blue. If I ever get up the courage to start it, it will belong to me and me only. I bought it for myself. It was beautiful to see this other colorway of it, but I still like the blue the best. I have bookmarked your site and I look forward to visiting often. Hope you will drop by my new blog. Have a great day and thank you again for designing such a lovely quilt.