Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Salt Lake City

Well, we've made it to market! The booth is pretty much all the way set up...just some fluffing up tomorrow. We have so many cool COOL booths around us!! I'll tell you all about them after everybody's totally set up.. Wish I could post pix from my phone!! I have to tall you about the truck we passed on the way down here yesterday.. His mudflap on the back had a big sign on it that said "I dare you to flash me" and a sign on his window said "Chicken!". Phil says he wished he'd thoought quickly enough...he would have pulled up his shirt!! LOLOL! Would have served that trucker right!!
Well, it's time for showers and some TV. Nite!


debbie said...

Can't ever tell, may have been just what he was looking for, lol.

Anna said...

Oh I can't wait to see it all through the knot-y view!