Friday, February 18, 2011

100 Quilt Blocks


I'm just winding up the day and trying to get this Christmas quilt block ready to stitch (have to have something to do when I'm sitting in front of the tv this weekend!) This is a block I drew up today for an up-coming issue of 100 Quilt Blocks. I was playing around with the little dresden and thought it kind of looked like a poinsettia.....hence the leaf! Then I put a candy cane stem on it and now I think it looks like a Christmas lollipop...........I think I'm going to do something with these "lollipops" on it! I'm really liking it!! The crayon tinting will really pop once the embroidery is around it...isn't it funny how that works? If you haven't tried the tinting yet, this is a pretty good example of how much color you need...doesn't look like much yet....but just wait!
Have a great weekend!
xox (and, it seems, Merry Christmas!??) Meg


scarlette said...

Love the look, as usual, can hardly wait to see. scarlette

Anna said...

you really bring a lot of fun to the embroidery life!

Mona said...

I love your works. It`s looks great. Have a nice weekend. Hugs from Norway.

Linda Cole said...

Wow you are amazing. You just keep coming up with great idea. Keep them coming. I love to embroidery.

Holly said...

So happy to see that you are still designing such beautiful & fun stitchery project. Your friend from PDG days >j<