Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Joke's on YOU!

Well....there are alot of unsavory people in the world, but now I've come in contact with the WORST!  But......the JOKE'S ON YOU!!!! 
You think you've hit us where it hurts....
You think we'll just roll over and give you what you want?

Sure....we had a few really good years together.  We did our very best for him...bought him WAY too much jewelry...made a big deal over him.  Gave him our admiration, our love, and WAY TOO MUCH POWER!!!.....literally.

But then he started to go downhill. 
As he aged, he got a little bit ratty.... a little bit dirty. 
Parts of him drooped and didn't work quite as well as they used to.
But we still kept him around...still celebrated with him....told him he was beautiful.

He started wandering off.... running out at all hours of the day or night and we'd have to go get in the car and drive around looking for him.  We'd see him hiding behind bushes...trying to get away.  We'd drag him home even though he'd been plugging in anywhere he could, and sparkling indiscriminately for anybody who'd OOOOooooh & AAAaaaah!

Finally, we stripped him and tied him to the wall in our storeroom.

Then....yesterday when we were cleaning the studio, he sneaked out. 
By the time we'd realized he was gone it was too late.

We followed the trail of flocking down the driveway & this was at the end by the road....

Well..........JOKE'S ON YOU!!!!  KEEP HIM!!!!   But make sure you tie him securely or he'll run away from you too!!!!!!!


siv hege said...

Ha ha ha!!!

Nancy said...

Cute. Loved your blog, too!! I love to embroider also but I don't match all of the requirements to be a member of the knotty girls stitchery club! LOL!

Ina said...

lol, i'm assuming it is a santa of some sort?! come on meg, you want him back...for sentimental reasons alone. ;0

Sheila Botts said...

That old, dirty, ungrateful tree! Good riddens I say....although I do have to say that you sure did take much better care of him and dressed him sooo much better than John Wayne and Elvira do!