Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Show & Tell!

WOW!!!  Do we ever have a lot of show & tell to share!!!  Let's start off with a "BANG"!!!  This is an adaptation of "Susan's Dresden Garden" made by Josephine de la Cruz Keasler from Riverton, UT.

 I just love what she did with it...the applique is gorgeous and the sparkles are beautiful!  Truly breathtaking Josephine!  Thank you for sharing it with us!
 This is "Snowmen A to Zzzzz" made by Paula Smith. She won not only the Best of Class and Reserve Best of Show...but a People's Choice award too!!!  WOW Paula!!!
 Paula wrote "I added one taken with all the ribbons (any more and I think they would have covered up one entire border.) I love winning those silly things!"  It looks like they were very well deserved!!!  Beautiful!!
 This "Winter Wonderland" was made by Carmen Sipes and was quilted by her husband George, and was entered in the AQS Show & Contest in Des Moines IA.  This is just plain exquisite!!!  Both of them did such a great job!!!  Look at the closeup!!  Are the snowmen stuffed lightly or is that just the effect of the quilting?  It looks SO COOL!!!!

 This is "Flight of Fancy" made by Mary Matt from Mt. Si Quilts in North Bend Washington (it's really pretty there by the way!) and she calls it "Birds".  I just love it done in browns!!  You know, this looks very masculine this way...a good quilt for a husband!...Hmmmmmm...... maybe I'll make another one in browns for someone I know!  Good job Mary!

 This "Snow Days" was made by Mary Rogers of Baird, Texas.  I love the color combination and the borders she added....beautiful!  She wrote "I loved every minute of making this."  It shows!!
 OOOhhhhh........I LOVE this border fabric!!!  Monica (She's in the witness protection program or something....only gave me her first name! LOL!!!) shared "Which Witch's Boot".  She did such a great job on it... Look at her crayon tinting!  Love This!!!!

This is "Hocuspocusville" sent in by Melinda Maw.  She wrote "I got the idea for the added color (an element in each block) when one day my granddaughter came over and was up in my quilting studio.  The black outlined/embroidered blocks were all arranged on my design wall.  Mia picked up a red crayon and began to color neatly within the lines of one of the cats (I'm sure she thought the cute little house looked like a perfect coloring book page).  Her mother gasped and yelled, "Mia, that's MaMaa's quilt!"  I calmly said, "That's fine Mia, that makes it look even better.  I'm going to sew that in just like that..."  Melinda donated this quilt to the Primary Childrens Hospital Festival of Trees Quilt Auction.  She says she's going to have to make another one for herself.  Beautiful Melinda, and such a great thing to do with the quilt, too!

This is "Over the River" made by Sharon Metzger.  She's simplified the really showcases the embroidery, doesn't it?  Beautiful work Sharon!  She writes that she's getting started on Winter Wonderland and wants to make Zelda's Fancy Hat too....Get to work Sharon!!
This is an embroidery envelope made by Sharon Larson from Onalaska Washington (another beautiful place!) She writes that this is her second embroidery envelope and that she's teaching a class at Quilters Junction in Centralia, WA in a few days and will take pictures of her students with THEIR completed projects and send them in!!! YAY!!!!!  I can't wait to see what they come up with!
So pretty Sharon!  Thanks for making such a great sample for your class...and for teaching a Crabapple Hill pattern! xoxox
This is a "Wild Rose Sewing Wallet" made by Mary Ellen (Nash?....another witness protection program person???)  She says that she enjoyed using the "old family crazy quilting" stitches from her childhood and also embellished the wallet with some needle tatting, silk embroidery and beading!  WOW!!!  Very, very pretty Mary Ellen! 

This is our free heart quilt (they were free patterns on the website a year or so ago) made by Martina Schaefer from Germany (if I'm reading her email address correctly).  You did a beautiful job on this Martina!!  It's only the second one that I've seen completed.  I love the way you added the year to the banner in the corner!!  Beautiful, beautiful!

These last four quilts were all made by Helen Belcher from Huntsville Texas where she is a Historical Interpreter at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum. I've actually been to Huntsville many times!  We drive through there to get to and from Quilt Market in Houston!!!...I know...It's goofy of me...but I love being able to get a picture in my head of the places people come from.  Anyway........The Winter Wonderland and "Bluebird on My Shoulder" were shown in the Airing of the Quilts in Huntsville and she will enter them in the Walker County Fair next year.  The second "Bluebird" quilt is called "Tea and Bees".

All of her quilting was done by Becky Stowers from Tennessee.  They're all just gorgeous Helen! 
WHEW!!.........did I forget anybody??? There were so many emails and pictures I hope nobody fell through the cracks!  Thank you all for taking the time to send us an email with your images!

Well....I'm getting ready to leave for the Walla Walla Quilt Festival this weekend...I'm taking tons of samples and will be doing demo's of crayon tinting.  Come and say hi!
Sheila is going to be at the EE Schenck Trends show in Portland this weekend.  Since I was busy this weekend, she agreed to go over there and represent us for the show and do a make & take series!  I'm so proud of her and if you're going to be there...stop in and say hello & give her a hug.  It's her first time stepping out on her own and could use a little bit of encouragement
(translation....she's scared stiff!)

OH!  Thank you to Shabby Fabrics for honoring me with a designer profile on your website!  My heart's all "a'flutter"!!  And thank you too, to Hoffman Distributors for doing a designer profile on their website (this may just go to my head!! LOL!!)

Remember, come say "hi!" in Walla Walla.  I can't wait to see all of the quilts!!!!
xoxox Meg


Jackie said...

Glorious work...thank you for sharing everyone's work!

Good luck'll be great!

Jenny said...

Wow, those are some very pretty quilts! Now I really want to start on my Flights of Fancy that has been lying on my tall must-do pile...

Auntie Pami said...

Sheila you will be great! I wish I could go, but I have to stay home and quilt samples! LOVE show & tell.

JCnNC said...

I LOVED seeing all of these - what wonderful finishes. Judy C

Ina said...

beautiful, beautiful quilts!

Deborah Hays said...

Can I just say WOW?! So gorgeous!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work! Debbie

Threeundertwo said...

So fun to see these! I just got the pattern and floss for Which Witch and hope to start in on it this weekend. It's so inspiring to see these finished projects.

Becky G said...

These are wonderful renditions of your lovely patterns... of which I see I own many! I am glad you are blogging again as I missed your inspiration. I hope your increase in staff will allow you all to corral all the growing business. Thanks for all you do! Becky

Carrie P. said...

wow, I really enjoyed the show and tell. I have seen the Dresden garden done in blue and yellows but what a different look done in the reds.

Marci said...

Hi I am Marci in Az., and i love your blog,... i just was browsing along and boom there it was.. I am interested in finding the patterns for the Susan's Dresden Garden and the Winter Wonderland.. can you please direct me as to where i can purchase these two patterns..THANKS!!