Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Whitewash Fabric is HERE!!!

Finally!  Enough is here that we can put it up on the website!  I just got it all put on there a few minutes ago.....WHEW!

It's here just in time, too, for the Fall Stitching Sojourn Retreat!  We'll have everybody here next weekend and I can't WAIT!  We have everything A L M O S T  ready........we just have to arrange some pumpkins and clean up some of those pesky dust bunnies that live under all of the tables..........who am I kidding?  They're reproducing like MAD and they live EVERYWHERE!!!  If I could just get Honeybunny to dust......I KNOW he's capable if he'd just apply himself!

The Walla Walla Quilt Festival was SO MUCH FUN!!!  What a great group of people the organizers are... alot of fun, and really good at what they do! ................and I got to meet Eddie Walker!!!!!!!  She lives in Walla Walla!!!  I have to admit that I made a fool out of myself....Geez!
Anyway... I bought WAY too much fabric, sparkly stuff, jewelry, you name it.... at the vendors. Ahhh....all in all a VERY good weekend!

Have a great week!  xox Meg


BJ said...

It was great fun seeing you at the Walla Walla quilt show, but I was so surprised that you didn't have and RED M&Ms (LOL). The vendors were fabulous and we went home with several new treasures too.

Sandie said...

Good Morning Meg and girls! OK! I love Eddie Walker, too! But I loved it when you said you kind of made a fool of yourself! Now maybe its a bit easier to understand how I felt when I finally got to meet YOU!! I was so excited at SLC market- you were the THE BOOTH I came to see and I was soo excited to finally meet you!! <3

Ina said...

lol, sounds like you had fun! ;0

Teresa said...

Your patterns and doodles look so you mind sharing what computer drawing program(s) you use (if any). I have some appliques for 15 inch blocks (in the Baltimore style) that I would love to make look more professional. So far I've been trying to import (by scanning) shapes into very crudely drawn patterns made with Microsoft Word and Paint. Time for an upgrade!!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Meg Hawkey said...

Sorry Teresa! I don't use a computer program to alter anything. They're all hand drawn just as-is!

mascanlon said...

Oh my gosh, I love your new fabric and the quilt opening the website, is there a patterN? it looks so calm and peaceful with just enough pop!

MaryAlice said...

Would like to purchase the heart and easter basket, can't find it on your site.