Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where has the time gone??

 I'm SHOCKED!!  I had it brought to my attention yesterday that I haven't posted since late July!  What happened to August??  It just disappeared!!! 
We've had such a busy thing stacked on top of another, that it's just flown by!  Well...I'm finally going to tell you about the classes at Thimble Creek in Concord, CA.... It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!  We drove down for the four days of classes (beautiful trip to & from!) and got all set up in Roxie & Joe's huge classroom (we brought a "FEW" samples to hang!)  They had the room all dolled up....the project supplies in those cute little suitcases... and big pots of zinnias marching down the centers of the tables!  So summer-y and happy!
 I know I have these pictures mixed to which class/which day etc... but they're an overview of who/what/where.  Oh, by the seems that the color tinting is serious business...lots of concentrating going on here!

 Isn't that pretty?  There were so many great color-ers in all the classes!

 Questions????.... "Put the camera down and HELP!!!!"   I only seemed to get pictures during the color tinting phase....during all the stitching time, I was moving around the room and didn't have much time to get photos..............everybody REALLY DID STITCH during the class, I swear! 
 Everybody was so nice.......very fun to talk to!  All such great stitchers too!  If it hadn't been for the new cast-on stitch flowers I think many of them would have finished their entire stitcheries in class!  Really!  They were THAT FAST!!!!  The cast-on stitch???  You'll see it in some of the up-coming's SO COOL!!!!  And really fun to do....a little fussy, but worth the trouble! have the troublemakers!!!!  This looks like the same type of person who would teach everyone Japanese curse words at a retreat! LOLOLOL!!!!  This is Nireko!  She's very pretty when she's not making this scary face, and is so sweet.   I just love her!!!
 OK.... now I have to show you some of why I haven't posted since July.  Also, why if you've ordered recently there may have been a little delay in getting your order.  We've been SWAMPED!!  This is a picture of yesterday's invoices.........the ones that got filled.
 These are the ones that we didn't have time to fill yesterday....they'll get filled today.
 These are the ones that Sheila didn't have time to charge out so they could be ready to fill for yesterday.............did I mention that there will be an inbox full of new orders today to add to these?
I'm not complaining!  It's great to be busy and I'm so glad that everybody likes the patterns and floss, etc....  It's just that we've come to a point where we can't keep up!  I'm so sorry if you've had an order that hasn't gone out really quickly because that's really what we shoot for. 
It's just been the three of us.  Cindy and Sheila are up to their eyeballs (I'm actually surprised that there hasn't been a mutiny!), I've been trying to help (so that puts a cramp in time to design new things).  We just hired Karen to help and I have an appt. tomorrow to interview someone else who hopefully will come on board also.  We'll get back up to speed as quickly as we can, I promise! 
 Thanks for being patient with us!


Susan said...

Oh my gosh, you remember how to blog, that's awesome!!! Where are the tufts of hair from the girls pulling their hair out from all of the work that is coming in??? Great pics, thanks for sharing...tons of hugs...Susan (that means a group hug from me)

Orcsmom said...


Can't thank you enough for the wonderful time at Thimblecreek! I am so glad to finally meet my FAVORITE designer! Take care!!

Pam Bump

Sharon Larson said...

So glad you are back!! We all really missed you! Also, so glad that Crabapple Hill is doing so well! We LOVE your patterns! Keep them coming! You are wonderful!

Anna said...

oh man does that ever look like a great time!

Deborah Hays said...

What fun!!! Question... do you use regular crayons? Do I need to do something special? Thanks, Debbie

Wendy in Kennewick said...

What a huge class! They like you, they really like you! :) It was so fun to see you and catch up during the shop hop.

Pat said...

how soon will this new stitch be out in the patterns?

siv hege said...

I know how you feel! I am studying for an exam that just takes too much of my free time. It means that this year I will not be able to enjoy sewing through long dark autumn evenings. There will be few handmade x-mas presents this year.

Deb said...

It's good to read a new post! I'm so happy to have picked up Calendula Patterdrip's Cottage at the Pacific Northwest Quilt show in Tacoma last month. I'm now happily collecting fabric for the background piecing, the instructions have been pored over, and I'm chomping at the bit to get sewing!!

Kathy said...

I know you are super busy but is there anyway you could do a quick Tutuorial with a couple steps of pictures on this color tinting. I'm in love with your new pattern Calendula Patterdrip's Cottage and thought you did it on there. Like most I learn from visual steps. I bet your followers would love a Tutorial!!! and once the quilt is done is it washable with this crayon process? thanks! Beautiful work!!!