Monday, August 30, 2010

One step closer to Spring!

I tried SO hard to finish the center block this weekend!!!  I still have most of the verse to stitch...PROMISE I'll have it done tomorrow!  This has been so much fun!  I really like the little circle flowers done in a buttonhole stitch.  I'm thinking that we may need something done to go along with this, that uses JUST those flowers.....Hmmmmmmm...........!
xox  Meg

Friday, August 27, 2010

Time to think Spring??

The newest patterns will be up on the website at the first of the week, so now it's time to start working away on.....well,.... the NEWEST new patterns! LOL!!! I have all of the patterns drawn up for our first Stitchery Sojourn Retreat in October and Sheila has started stitching on them (they're SO MUCH FUN but a BIG secret!) and now work on the new patterns for Spring has begun! This is a little preview of "How Does Your Garden Grow?" (as in..."Mary, Mary, quite contrary etc....") It's so bright, sunny and cheerful it makes me happy just to look at it. I'm going to start stitching today... hopefully I'll have it done by Monday and I can start on the pieced blocks (they'll have some stitching on them too!) Then we can send it to the quilter so that it will be ready to release in October!                                                                                                            It's so exciting to start new projects! I feel like a big breath of fresh air just swept through the studio!!
xoxoxoxoxo! Meg

Monday, August 16, 2010

Des Moines!!!...the one in Washington!

When you start off your weekend by passing through THIS gorgeous scenery, you know it's only going to get better!! This is our beautiful Mt. Rainier in all it's glory. This is where I most love to be. It's just amazingly beautiful here! We passed by on our way over the mountains to the class at Carriage Country Quilts in Des Moines.....(beautiful too! Right on Puget Sound...sparkling water...sailboats....big ships............nope! Didn't get a SINGLE picture!) You can see the water right out of the front windows of the shop too! The class was held at a church nearby, so I didn't get to visit the shop until after class. Isn't this just the cutest shop you've ever seen?

Now.... for the class!!! The girls at Carriage Country Quilts really know how to spoil everybody! I think that even if you didn't really care much about the "class"... it would be well worth it to show up just for the flowers....and the food....and all the little (and NOT so little!) special touches that they provide!
Aren't these beautiful??? They were freshly picked from two of the CCQ ladies' gardens, and were arranged in these lush bouquets ALL OVER the room!!!

These were the "goody bags" they had made for everyone attending the class..... I got SO lucky!...they gave ME one TOO!!!!! These are pillowcases....all of them were different...there are snacks and provisions inside (their kits were in here too) and then it was all tied up with a wired ribbon bow. On top of each pillowcase "bag" was a hand embroidered, stuffed nametag! Susan (you'll see her pictured later) had designed and made ALL of them!!!! They're SO pretty!!! Such a perfect, special little touch, huh?? I love mine! I think I'll find somewhere to pin it up in the studio, maybe on a lamp?

I'm sorry....caught everybody eating in the next photo! This is "naughty girl corner", not "knot-y girl"...these ladies are actually trouble makers! But in a very good way! They met at a class a few years ago and are BFF's now! Isn't that cool???

Busy, busy! Everybody's getting to work!'s taking a while to go through everything in the goody bags tho!
More lunch scenes.....or was this the continental breakfast? Bagels, muffins, homemade cinnamon rolls, orange juice....WOW!..... everybody finished just in time for lunch!! the way...come hungry to a CCQ class....just a hint! LOL!!!
Carol and Sandy checking out the new designs I'd brought...
HERE is Susan (who designed and made the nametags) and Kathleen showing off their pretty smiles!
OK!!... it's time for the afternoon snack!..........after all, we're all getting weak from lack of food (lunch WAS a whole 2 hours ago!!) and all this hard work! Emily and Wendy are all ready to make rootbeer floats!!! YES!!! Rootbeer floats!!.... They also had little cupcakes in different flavors.......not positive what they were.... I was busy and didn't get over there until all that were left were the rootbeer float and orange cremecicle flavors. They were REALLY good! I didn't even tell you what they did for lunch!!!!..........oh, it was really all about the food!! These girls need to put together a cookbook!!! Thank you to Debbie for such an enjoyable day! I didn't get a single picture with Debbie in it!.... darn!!!

Here's the aftermath of my trunk show.... ready to pack up again. What a mess!!!
Thank you to all the lovely ladies who came to the class, and thank you, THANK YOU to Debbie and all the girls from CCQ for such a special day!

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Designs

Hi again!

I've had lots of questions about the new banner and the designs shown on the home page of the website...YES!! They're new designs that will be coming out in a couple of weeks! The ones shown on the homepage are all going into the same pattern...3 designs....two needle packages and one button card. I have them all appliqued to their backgrounds and will be framing them tomorrow. I'm SO in love with them!!! There's also a stuffed heart that will be released at the same time..........geez!...come to think of it, I'm in love with IT too! LOL!!!

We'll send out an announcement when the new stuff is available. Watch your email!

xox Meg

Saturday, August 7, 2010

August Begins....

Scissor Charms!!! Cindy's been busy, busy...and had made some beautiful scissor charms! Kathi will have them up on the website within the next few days. I'd like to keep them ALL!!

We have some new photos to share!!! This is "Winter Wonderland" made by Diane Ashley from Yakima, WA. (Just down the road!!) She has won a blue ribbon with her quilt... congrat's Diane!!!! It just looks beautiful!!! She writes that she'll be starting work on "Snow Days" soon....can't WAIT to see it!!!!
The next "Forget Me Not Bedding Set" pics were sent in by Leslie Fehling....she made these for her daughter.........Her work and her sewing are PERFECT!!!! Want to see WHY?????.... Want to really get jealous because you don't live where she lives, in her house????? Go to her blog at and after you've read EVERYTHING there....go to her other site that shows you pictures of her Summerhill Retreats!!!! OH YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT!!!! I SO, so want to go to a retreat at her home.....lampshades!...I want to do the lampshades!!! Already know how to make slipcovers......YUP, LAMPSHADES!!! Check out the one with all the little pleats! I wish I lived right next door .....well, a forest and a few acres away!...and Leslie was my new BFF!!!!! Thanks for sending all this in Leslie!

This friday I'm heading to Des Moines (the one in Washington!) to Carriage Country Quilts. Can't wait to see everybody! I know we'll have fun!! I'll try to take plenty of pictures while we're there...CCQ's classes are always so nice!!
Bye for now!
xox Meg