Friday, June 29, 2012

It's almost July???

I can't believe that this weekend is the end of June!  Where the heck did it go????  We've been busy around here with the Summer Retreat and new patterns...but STILL!!!  When did the month slip away?

I'll post pictures from the retreat next week......we had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!  I was hoarse for a couple of days from all the laughing!  One of the things that happened had a little something to do with this bear............

Jan lives at Lake Wenatchee....way out in the woods above Leavenworth, WA.  She got a call from her husband on Saturday night while we were all sitting here stitching.  He was all excited... telling her how he'd had a visit from this bear that's been trying to get into their garbage.  First, he said, he went out to chase it away with a broom in one hand and gun in the other.......then, it took a swipe at their dog (missed, luckily)......THEN!  This was when Jan totally lost it and couldn't stop laughing.......he "called it every name in the book" and it STILL wouldn't leave! (Imagine THAT!!! Calling bears names USUALLY works like a charm!!!)  The gun you say??  What about the gun? Warning shots??  No.... the broom and "names" !!!!  Anyway, she sent a couple pix of the bear on it's return visits after she got home.  The game dept. has put out a live trap for it, so hopefully the problem will be solved soon.

Janice and I are stitching on another new pattern this weekend called Autumn Hopscotch (name's still possibly going to change.......everybody here thinks it's a stupid name for it.... we'll see!)  I'll take pix on Monday and post them with the retreat photos.

Have a great weekend!  Summer's really here!  xoxox

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We got our "pre-cuts" of the new fabric line!  
Vintage Tin is almost all stitched and the piecing has begun......I'm tracing and coloring a pumpkin/gourd quilt that will use only the pumpkin colored prints.......and I'm drawing on another quilt that has a French garden theme that will use only the taupe tones.......SO EXCITED!!!!!  

Janice got Snow Flurries all put together (at least as far as we CAN assemble it before we stitch on the borders etc....)  After all the snowflakes are embroidered, we'll have to quilt it before the beads and crystals can be added........I'm LOVING this quilt!!!!

Well...back to work!  We're getting ready for the Summer Stitching Retreat......lots of preparations for lots of FUN stuff!!!!
xo Meg