Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer, Flowers, & Inspiration!

I'm sorry...but I have to brag a little bit!!!  Look at those hydrangeas!!!  I'm so happy that after only one year in the garden, everything is looking so pretty and doing so well!  I have to admit that I'm kind of a garden nut.  If I wasn't doing focusing on embroidery and my patterns....I'd be in the garden... deadheading, dividing, moving things around.  It's really easy to get carried away!
I thought I'd give everybody a look at a new design/designs!  They're all going together into a quilt that is tentatively called "Gardener's Alphabet" for lack of a better description! LOL!!!!

Morning glories are my favorite......... I think I'll grown them next year all over the pergola off the end of the studio........remind me!

I'm kind of fickle........ wild roses are DEFINITELY my favorite!  We planted a bunch of them under the pine trees.  Just give them water and they grow & grow & reproduce & spread!  Love them!

Zinnias in the back yard by the tomatoes.

B is for bee skeps, bees, and berries!!!

Apple??? Heck no!  A is for Autumn!  Our pumpkins aren't looking great this year...weird spring.  I think we'll get some cool looking little green ones in time for Halloween but I'm betting they'll freeze solid before they turn orange this year.

Our cherry tomatoes are keeping up with our appetites.  Oh....summer heaven is a handful of kosher salt and an unlimited supply of cherry tomatoes warm from the garden!

Iris of course!  The beards are really fun.....lots of French knots!

I LOVE these hydrangeas!

I'm thinking about getting a few more bushes.............maybe 10?  All in this white/chartreuse color!

I have two more blocks drawn, traced, colored, and ready to stitch.  H.....guess what it stands for????  and F.  I'll show them to you later.........I'm NO GOOD at keeping secrets! LOL!!!

Next week we leave for Thimble Creek Quilt Shop in California.  I spent all day today getting the trunk show and goodies ready for the classes.... I'm SO EXCITED!!!!  Phil & I have never been to that part of California and we're really looking forward to the drive to & from too!  Uncharted territory...the road un-traveled (that sound romantic & adventurous doesn't it???....translation:  we'll probably get lost! LOLOL!!!!)  Four classes at the retreat...YIKES!!!!  I told Roxie that they'll probably just have to prop me up in a corner with my nametag on by the last day....everybody will still have fun!  They'll never even miss me! LOL!!

I froze a bunch of lemon slices and plan on plopping them into glasses of lemonade tonight for dinner....barbecued ribs, garlic bread, cucumbers & cherry tomatoes and big glasses of lemonade... I think we're going to eat on the front porch.  I hope you have a nice night planned too!

xox Meg

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We're getting the studio all dolled up (trying to make it look like a shop for the Shop Hop!             
The hop starts Saturday the 9th and runs through Saturday the 16th.
We'll be open from 9am to 6pm Monday through Saturday...and 10am to 4pm on Sunday.
We had a lot of fun the last time we took part in the shop hop and can't WAIT to see everybody who comes to visit this time!

These are two little patterns that I've designed for our shop "hoppers"!  The redwork one on the right is a free little pattern and there will be kits available to make them....first come/first served!  The one on the left also has a kit (very limited number of them) and the pattern will be available for purchase.  I'll have the redwork one on the website as a free pattern also as soon as it's completed.  The other one???  I'm kind of liking it!...........I think I'd like to think up something else to do with it......SO!  It won't be available yet except for the hoppers.  We also have the new Whitewash fabric!!!  It arrived during the Summer retreat.  We'll have it available during the shop hop before we put it up on the website.....OH!  I love it so much!!!  AND I love everybody at Lecien & Cosmo so much!! This is so much FUN!!!!!
I hope you'll be able to visit us during the hop!