Tuesday, September 28, 2010

La Conner Here I Come!

We're packing up the trunk show, making floss kits, putting together door prizes and goody bags and heading for the La Conner Quilt Fest!  I'll be teaching there this weekend and I just can't wait to see everybody!  I wish that Sheila had been able to come with me to help with the class but she's busy with kids etc.... DARN!  I'd bring Cindy along, but she doesn't stitch or sew.....so much for THAT!  LOL!!!!  I'd have asked Jan, but she's going to be with her sisters all weekend and I don't want to ruin her "girl's weekend"!  So.... it's just me..................maybe I could get Phil to sit in on the class????  He HAS to have picked up SOME stitching skills over the years, even if just by osmosis!?  No.... he refuses to learn to stitch............just CAN'T understand why NOT!! LOLOL!!
I'm sure that it's going to be just gorgeous crossing the mountains (lots of fall color!) and we'll be staying at a campground that's right on the water... YAY!!!  I'm meeting a friend there and we're going to go to the quilt show on Saturday!  Usually I miss all the fun because I'm in classes the whole time, so this will be a real treat!  The show is focusing on applique (don't know quite why they invited ME to teach!  I think somebody made a mistake?.... well, I guess I do a LITTLE bit of applique.... hmmmm......)  ANYWAY!!!!  I LOVE applique and can't wait to see these quilts!!  Every one will probably be a work of art.  I'm so excited about it I just CAN'T STAND IT!!  Maybe I'll see YOU there???! Tho I guess you'd walk right by me without saying "Hi!" because I don't plan on wearing a big sign on my back that says "I'm Meg Hawkey".  I'll just have to say hello to EVERYbody and hope I get lucky?..... or get arrested for being obnoxious???........maybe that's not such a good plan.

We've been busily preparing for the first Stitching Sojourn Retreat.  Today I tried out a brunch recipe that Jan gave me...I brought it out to the studio so that Cindy and Sheila could taste test it this morning and it got a "thumbs up"!..... Cindy & I think we're going to have to doll it up a little bit tho....can't leave well enough alone...EVER!!! LOL!!!  We're having so much fun preparing and planning... I wish you could ALL come and visit!
See you in La Conner! 
xo  Meg

Friday, September 24, 2010

Time passes SO quickly!

The past few weeks have just flown by..... I've totally lost track of time!  I looked at the last post and realized that it's been almost an entire MONTH since I last wrote!!!  We've all been so busy.  Between finishing and writing the new "How Does Your Garden Grow?" quilt and pattern, getting ready for the retreat in October, classes, and doing all that "guilt" cleaning (the cleaning you only do when you realize that somebody's coming to visit? LOL!!!), decorating for Autumn..........oh, and a million OTHER things....there just aren't enough hours in each day!  Add to that Sheila and Cindy's childrens' school and sports activities and we're up to our EYEBALLS!!!  We talked it over today and decided that we need a week..... all to ourselves that nobody else has.... just to catch up.  That could only happen in a movie!  Yeah, we need a "Groundhog Day" week!  Just today we had the photographer here to take pics of "How Does Your....", 2 copier repairmen (not at the same time... 2 separate calls!), 1 computer dude, and a partridge in a pear tree!!!    

The pictureis one of the first test shots that Rich (Breshear...our photographer) took this morning.  I'm just SO in love with this quilt!  The pattern should be ready to release in a couple weeks. I'll send out a little note about it when it becomes available!

Later!  xox  Meg