Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NEW ! NEW! NEW!!!!!

We have a NEW Knot-y Girl's 
Stitchery Club Blog!!!  

The address is 

We just put a free little pattern on it just for this occasion!!

This blog will no longer be updated...everything on here already, is on the new blog! YAY!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Leavenworth Quilt Show

Come Stitch With Me!!!!
I'm getting ready to leave for the Leavenworth, WA Quilt Show this weekend (September 7,8,9)  The weather is going to be gorgeous (Leavenworth and the mountains around it are gorgeous enough, rain or shine!) 

 I'll have tons of quilts and things there, and I'll be doing demos of coloring and stuff......but what I REALLY want is COMPANY!!!  Bring your stitching stuff, and come by!  You can sit with me and stitch!  

I've asked them to have extra chairs available for us...........We'll have SO MUCH FUN !!

OH!... and I'll have "Dance by the Light of the Moon" there......un-quilted, but the top's done! YAY!!