Friday, December 9, 2011

Wishing For Snow!

It's COLD and very, very foggy today!  Don't the snowmen on the studio
porch look comfy in the chilly weather?

I made these many years ago for a store window I'm thinking of maybe making a pattern for them!  I'd kind of forgotten about them... now I've sort of fallen in love with them again!
I'll never forget the day I drove with them from my house to the shop.  I'd strapped them into seatbelts so they wouldn't tip over......You'll never believe some of the looks we got at stop signs!!!

Hoar frost on the crabapples of the little tree at the front of the studio.  Isn't nature amazing??
Have a frosty weekend!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Winter Retreat Has Come...and Gone!

We were so happy to see everybody arrive on Friday... and so sad to see them all leave on Sunday!  We had such a good visit, so much laughter, and so much FUN!!  I hope you enjoy the slideshow!
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We did something new this time... AN APRON CONTEST!!  We sent the aprons out at the end of October to everybody and asked them to embellish them for the retreat.  Not everybody brought one....PARTY POOPERS!!!.... it was a good thing though... we already had too many great aprons to choose from when it came time to vote for our favorites!  The 3rd prize winner was Kim's candy cane apron.... 2nd prize went to Debbie's snow chef apron (it was complete with a matching tea towel and wine!).... 1st prize was won by Lynn and her Oh so cute gingerbread house Joy apron with the stuffed gingerbread man.  They were all so cute!!!!! It was just darling with them hanging up all around the studio!

We were lucky enough to have several ladies who'd been at previous retreats, so there were many familiar faces!  Traveling the farthest this time were Linda and Christine from McKinney, Texas.  Every one of them was fun, funny, and so nice to have here!  Thank you all for visiting us!!  I'm already looking forward to our next winter retreat and have IDEAS!!!! for activities and projects!

HO HO HO!!!!!