Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Zealand is Calling!!

Yesterday we had a visit from a tour group from New Zealand!..... well..... one of the girls was from North Pole, Alaska... but MOST of them were from NZ! They had started out the morning touring The Buggy Barn, near Spokane WA. They, QUITE understandably!, left the Buggy Barn a little later than planned (their shop is so much fun!!) and reached us at about 1:00pm. We all had lunch & did some shopping... they were all SO NICE!!! Even their bus driver! We're not used to being a "shop", so this was kind of our first taste of what's to come with the Sage Brush Shop Hop starting tomorrow. We need to get a LOT faster at making change & stuff... hopefully everyone will remember that this isn't something that we do on a regular basis because, quite frankly, we stink at it!! LOL

Everybody got back on the bus (so sad to see them go!!) and started to drive away.... when we realized that we didn't have a photo of them!! So we made Sheila (that's her finally finding time for lunch above... she'll kill me when she realizes I've used this picture!!) run out & pretty much throw herself in front of the bus to stop them while we ran to get the camera!This is Lesley Christiansen waving her New Zealand flag. Lesley is their tour coordinator & is so very nice. She'd brought with her a bag full of pink scarves made for us by her sister. She thought that we might know how to distribute them either to the designers who donated blocks for the Forget Me Not quilt or to Susan G Komen for the cure. We'll come up with something for them, I promise!! Thank you so much for doing this!! What a sweetheart! Thanks also, to Lesley and all the girls in the group for the this's and that's that you gave us. We're so grateful. You all can come visit ANY time!!!


Deb said...

I bet the NZ girls are loving your weather, its bitterly cold here at home. I feel totally envious of them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a knoty girl. I'll make change for your shop hoppers!

I know all of you made them feel special. I'm sure they're Tweeting back to their Kiwi quilty friends that Crabapple Hill is a cool place to visit. :) ina

Auntie Pami said...

Hi Sheila, Nice to put a name with face--The "shop" looks so wonderful. Wish I could be hopping instead of not.

Lesley Quilter said...

Hi Meg & Girls

Wow!! Here we are at home in New Zealand - still cold and wintery and my daughter says "you're on someone's Blog".

How lovely that you mentioned us. What a WONDERFUL time we had. Your hospitality is enormous. Lunch was devine and your inspritation endless.

Till next time!