Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shop Hop.....Day 5

Hi! This post is from Jan! That's me cutting grab bag fatQ's........ (not really, it's me, Meg again. Jan's a party pooper too.... & won't write). She's put together the greatest grab bags for us... all color coordinated! We love her, so she's forgiven for not wanting to blog... anyway, she's been at a dead run all day & is too tired to type!

We've had more stitcher's visit us today than any other day so far!!! You know what? I've decided that stitcher's are just happy people!! We've loved every minute of our visits with you!
Some of you have come from quite far away! Even as far away as Indiana, Rhode Island & Colorado! That's Peggy Smith in the photo above & she's from Colorado... isn't she cute? (I don't flatter myself to think that they're here just to visit us but it's so nice to know that they made us part of their journey!) Sheila brought a big pot of stew this morning & it simmered in the slow cooker all morning in the "kitchen" in the office. It smelled SO GOOD!!! We had so many visitors we had to eat lunch in shifts but it was worth it!!

We ended our day with a good long visit with Kathy, Diane, Kristi & Debbie. Debbie kept asking us for pancakes for some reason..............hmmmmm...............? Hope everything works itself out alright in the end! LOL!!!! Gee I find myself so stinkin' amusing!!! And yes, that was all in code, but good ol' Deb will understand!!


Ina said...

yep, stitchers are happy people. we have all these amazing people designing new beautiful things to stitch!! how can we not be happy?

love every photo!

Anonymous said...

Deb and the haystacks had a wonderful time can't wait to come back for more laughs, pin oops i mean puns. And much more.

Carrie P. said...

I have just finished reading the last three posts. I am so jealous. Which I could be there. So much fun. Enjoy it all.

Anonymous said...

It was worth every second of the early morning and long drive to be able to see first hand the beautiful Crabapple Hill Studio!! Deb and cohorts would do it again in an instant. Thanks to Meg, Cyndy and friends for the inspiration, treats and laughter (our faces were sore, we laughed so much)!
We can't wait to visit again!