Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sage Brush Shop Hop Day 2

Hi All!

Cyndy here, from Crabapple Hill Studio, we wanted to give all of you an update on our first ever shop hop! As most of you know we are not normally open to the public... Buuuuutttttt my lovely sister Dawn from Traditions Quilt Shop in Baker City, Oregon had this brilliant beyond brilliat idea to include us in the "Sage Brush Shop Hop" along with many other shops in our vicinity! (see the Hop list on our website under "Goodies to Download")
Of course a year ago it sounded so easy, HA! Meg, Sheila, Jan Cindy (with and i) and I worked our "patooties" off for the last couple weeks gearing up.. Meg designing, Cindy and Sheila printing the rest cutting kits etc. (Our hats off to the actual shop owners you gals do this on a regular basis!) We were up until 11:30 Thursday night, "fluffing" the studio. After all of the effort we have been so lucky to get to meet so many wonderful people. Everyone seems so happy! We have been having a great time. We even had a great lady from the Seattle area drive herself all the way over to the hop so that she could come in to meet Meg and hang with the rest of us! So many from Idaho & Oregon we love meeting you all!
Ask anyone who came in we girls get to work in a magical place (it really does look like the pictures on the website). Sheila even met a fellow Texan (they had a fun time "fixin" to do things), we are only into day two and already we've met just the nicest people. So a big thank you to the actual shops that let us partcipate... We're having a blast!


DeAnna Grimm said...

Sounds like loads of fun - can hardly wait. See you on Monday.

Carrie P. said...

Oh I know that was the most fun for all those ladies who love your patterns. The photos are lovely. So much to see in them.

Sandy's Show & Tell Quilts said...

I can't quite figure this out but I have missed all the information about the "Sage Shop Hop" and I live in the Tri-Cities! Sorry I missed it.

PS I have been in your sister's quilt shop with my sister and we loved it.