Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Early Summer Contest Winners!

We've drawn the winners for our word contest!! YAHOO!!!
I've always been a sucker for word puzzles and now it's obvious that I'm not alone!! We had SO MANY entries it's taken us a few hours to go over all of them & count letters in long words & phrases!
First, I have to mention our favorites (whether they won or not!):

"straw cookies...yuck, ten loopy jars & fairy tale ways" from Karin

Pat's "pink rose & pace yourself"

"A jar of pink flowers" from Lisa Leimone, which we thought may win the longest phrase but someone else had one with 3 more letters.

Ruth Berke's "no flakes & walk, run, fly"

Karen Martin's "a asocial qwerty rip-off junky"......yes, it doesn't make much sense & has a made-up word....but I think Karen might have been describing someone who was giving her a bad time! LOL!!!

Cathie Dein's "Fleur in Pot" is so pretty!

Becky Shafer & Betty Dobberpuhl sent their words in crossword puzzle form.... YIKES!

"tranquil space" came from Janelle Huntsman.................. Ahhhhhhhhhhh..... may have to hang that in the studio!

"quilts for joy" came from Stina Blomgren..... and yes, even though English isn't your first language everything was spelled beautifully!

Several of you included "quilt fairy".... unconsious or consious wishes for magical help???

Arlene Forney's "craft fools in quirky yap" didn't make sense but still managed to sort of describe all of us girls here at Crabapple Hill !! LOL!!!............. especially Cyndy! HA-HA-HA!

Anyway... thanks to all of you! I really am planning on using your words for this & that as the years go by.......I'm saving ALL of them! You've made me a happy girl!

Finally..........Our winners are............

Drawing: Ina Maslana, Diane Koenig, Barb (sorry, no last name yet!) Elizabeth Swinney & Shellee Jensen

Most Words: Terri Woodford ....... NINE pages........ NINE!!!!

Longest Phrase: Mary Burn's "Parkway for fine quilts"

Longest word: Jane Laatsch's "watercolours" with 12 letters (lots of you had 11 letter words!)

Most long words: Danny Campbell....... almost all of her words were 10 or 11 letters WOW!

Thanks to everybody for participating! We'll be contacting you to get addresses so that we can send out your prizes!


Stina said...

Ahh... now you have a lot to work with in the shop!!! :o)
So many creative phrases!!
Congratulations to the winners... this was so much fun.. even if I dont speak English!! lol..

Anonymous said...

I won!! I won!!! I feel like quoting Sally Fields, "YOU LIKE ME! YOU REALLY LIKE ME!!"

Yeah, I know the drawing was random! ;0

hiccups said...

I can relate to Anonymous-This is so exciting..can't wait to see how the words will be used

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the win! Looking forward to the mail! Elizabeth Swinney

Bronwyn said...

ah what a hoot!! I had a lot of fun just with my few words.You have inspired me to be on the lookout for metal letters. Congrats to all the winners, glad I didn't have to decide that.

debijeanm said...

Congratulations to the winners! You are all so clever.

Re: Karen Martin's entry and the "made-up word." If you're referring to "qwerty," the historian in me can't resist the opportunity to share one of my favorite pieces of history trivia. When typewriters were first invented, the keys were in a logical arrangement. As people became more and more proficient, they were typing too fast and jamming the keys, so the typewriter manufacturers developed the "qwerty" keyboard, arranged illogically to slow typists down. Qwerty is the name of keyboards with this arrangement. Look at the top row of keys and if your left hand keys read "q-w-e-r-t-y, you have one of these illogical keyboards. In 1936, August Dvorak developed a more logical keyboard. With the advent of fast computers, slowing typists down is no longer a concern and many computer folk have adopted the dvorak keyboard. My husband got his years ago and can type - with decent accuracy - over 100 wpm. Didn't take him long to adjust, either. (Me too lazy.)

Ina said...

Yes, I'm a knoty girl! I love the tags you've made. Thank you for the beautiful Sandy Gervais fabric.

I'll use it in the Halloween Baltimore quilt I'm making....once I get mt left hand back. ;0


hiccups said...

I just received my prize-I love the wiscasset fabric line-can't wait to decide which quilt that I want to use it on.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the lovely gift. Irecieved it yesterday and love the fabric and especially the treat of being able to try the Cosmo embroidery thread.

Lizzie Swinney