Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Show & Tell

When I was a little girl I would fill old jars with tiny fruit that had been thinned from the trees in the orchard, pour water in them & line them up on boards I'd set up as makeshift shelves for my "store". Next to be arranged would be the empty vanilla bottles & tin cans. Last, would be the pies & cookies that, even though they were just made of mud, were carefully decorated with seed pods, flower heads & dandelion down. I'd throw an old sheet over the picnic table for the counter & my "store was complete & open for business! I'd spend hours & hours daydreaming & helping my invisible customers..... Last week when the studio was open for the shop hop I got to do it for real! It was so much hard work & so much fun!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit......... you're all just so sweet!

Now, everything is put away & we're all back to normal in the studio. We're working as quickly as possible to get the new patterns & notions that we had in the shop hop up on the website & out to the shops! Hopefully, we'll get everything loaded on the website today!! Right now though, I'd like to share some photos that have been sent in over the last few weeks!

First, is a bluebird pillow sent in from Lori Delino of Poland, OH. She made this for a friend's birthday................. If I tell you when MY birthday is, will you make one for me too???? (That was whining, I know...) It's a bluebird from the "Bluebird" quilt. Really cute way to take an image from a larger pattern & use it in a different way!
Next is "Heirloom Romance" made by Cheri Testa from Maple Falls, WA. She's going to be entering this quilt in the Leavenworth Quilt Show in September. It looks beautiful Cheri! I hope you win a ribbon!!
This is Three Cheers for the Red, White, & Blue by Elizabeth Swinney. It's really pretty Elizabeth! Well done!!
This is Shellee Jensen's (Hiccup!) Gardener's Angel of Spring. I hope that you can see that she put seed pearls along the inside of her skirt. I'll bet it's just gorgeous in person Shellee!! Thanks for showing us! You can make just about any stitchery more interesting & pretty with the addition of some beading!
OK..... I just think this is the greatest idea & I like it SO MUCH MORE than the way I finished this quilt!!! I'm not sure who made this "Merry Little Christmas" but it was sent in by Roxie of ThimbleCreek Quilt Shop in CA. They used the stitchery from "Winter Wishes" and set it in the center of the quilt. Then, it's very heavily quilted. It's just plain gorgeous!!!! I'm SO JEALOUS!! I want it!
I mean..... SERIOUSLY!!!!..... look at this!!!! WOW!
Speaking of WOW!! This version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" was sent in by Carriage Country Quilts in Des Moines, WA. It makes me wish I'd used this colorway instead of reds..... This is just beautiful.......... Oh man.............maybe I should do one again like this, just for me. Hmmmmmmm............................ ? Do they have kits???The rest of the photos are all from Carriage Country Quilts! I see "Farm Fresh Produce", "Home Grown" pincushions..."Honeybunny's Harvest" (look at the cute display!!!)"Three Cheers For the Red, White, & Blue" the way they finished it! Once again..... great display!! I bought one of those houses when I taught there last year... they light up, very cool!!!!

Oh!.... is that all??? ............ well, I guess it's time to get back to work! Bye!! xox Meg


peggy said...

OMG, talk about a feast for our eyes. Those quilts and projects are gorgeous!! I especially LOVE the snowman one...aye carumba, think they'd let me borrow it? LOL
Anyhoo, myself and 2 sisters all just ordered the Berry Picking Party BOM from Bits N pieces quilt shop in Kansas. I cannot wait to start on that. I'm also half done with a few other projects of yours...keep those patterns a comin!
Peggy in NJ

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg,
I heard all the way down here in Texas what a party you girls had. LOL I love all the new designs.
I love all the beautiful projects.
Elizabeth Quigley

Stina said...

Love them all... so wonderful were they.. thanks for showing!! :o)

margie Phillips said...

What an inspiration. I am work on the Merry Little Christmas pattern and it is my first Crab Apple Hill pattern. This gives me the push to keep on truckn to get this done.

Love your work.
...margie in central california

Library Gal Quilts said...

Oh thanks so much for the darling story and the photos! I am a good friend of Elizabeth Swinney and she did do an awesome job! And hand quilted to boot! Pam in Chico

Karla said...

I just love that quilt with the snowman in the middle. But what is the outer edges is that another pattern or am I just confused? I would love to do a quilt like that.

Carrie P. said...

WOW is right. They are all spectacular!

Ina said...

okay, Meg, did my stitching friends tattle on me? yes, I'm ones of those knot-y girls that makes quilts and stitcheries for others without putting labels on them.

yes, I know this is a no-no in the quilting world but it is what I do.

This past Christmas Day I sat at the kitchen table of my best girlfriend's house stitching a label for the quilt I had made for her the PREVIOUS Christmas.

Now I have no excuse. You've created Penny Candy labels for bad girls like me! ;0 I mean knot-y girls like me! I love 'em!

Ruth said...

I just discovered your blog! I only wish I could go in a store where this many embroidery and quilt patterns were sold--where do I find these on-line? I learned to embroidery at a very young age and I also quilt. I want to do everything I've seen on this blog site! LOL

Do you have an on-line store?

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Carriage Country Quilts is awesome, is it not? I want that entire front room!

Thanks for the show and was fun!

Linda said...

Loved all the quits. Especially the snowman one. I love anything with snowmen in it. I love your on line shop, you ideas and blog. Stitching is my favorite past time.

Linda, Wv